Rasgulla recipe by Chef Fauzia is a mouthwatering traditional Pakistani delicacy suitable for a craving sweet tooth. Rasgulla recipe by Chef Fauzia is an authentic recipe for rasgulla (cham cham) which is passionately eaten all over Pakistan, India and Bangladesh during many kinds of celebrations. In actual, Rasgulla origin has taken place in West Bengal and has been a popular dessert since then. Easy Rasgulla recipe includes a syrupy dessert that is prepared from chhena and semolina dough which is then rolled up in ball-shaped dumplings and finally cooked in light solution of sugar. Rasgulla is an Indian delight that has taken on its own unique identity just like many well-known desserts across the world. Rasgulla recipe in Urdu is an excellent tutorial to making one of the most popular desserts on the dining table.
Rasgulla recipe are sometimes homemade from cheese or paneer balls and is a perfect treat during a celebration. Whether it’s Ramadan (ramzan), Eid or any other party event, this traditional sweet is sure to turn heads. It can be baked as well if you don’t want to soak it in sugary syrup. Otherwise, this rasgulla recipe can be made in a pressure cooker or a large cooking utensil. A delightful dessert that literally melts in your mouth! What could be a better festival dessert than this? Try this recipe and impress your family!

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All-Purpose Flour (Maida): 2 tablespoons
Sugar: 1 cup
Whole Milk: 1/2 liter

Citric Acid: 1/4 teaspoon (dissolved in 1/2 cup water)
Lemon Juice: 3 tablespoon

Rose Essence: 3 drops
Ilaichi Powder: 1/4 teaspoon

How to make Rasgulla


1. Heat milk in a pan until it comes to boil; once boiled, remove from stove and place at a side.

2. Add citric acid or lemon juice to the milk.

3. Stir gently, continuously until white curd is formed on the surface of the milk, separated from the whey.

4. Strain the milk using a thin cloth. (While straining this milk, the curd obtained is called "chenna").

5. Wash chenna under cold tap water. Now twist that cloth to wring out the water.

6. Knead chenna to form a smooth dough. Now add all-purpose flour and knead again.

7. Form small balls (6 to 7) all of equal size from the dough and place aside.

Making Sugar Syrup:

1. Mix sugar and water together in a pan and boil.

2. Add chenna balls to the syrup and cook for 15 minutes with pan half covered. During cooking, chenna balls will puff up.

3. Now cool rasgullas at room temperature and add rose essence.

4. Delicious juicy rasgullay are ready. Refrigerate for chilling and serve.

Enjoy your homemade rasgulla!

How to Make Rasgulla Recipe (Summarized Method):

Rasgullay or cham cham sweet is prepared in two steps:

  • i. Preparing rasgulla balls
  • ii. Preparing sugar syprup

Rasgulla Recipe Stage 1:
First you would boil the milk in a pan and place it aside. Then citric acid or lemon juice (whichever available) is added to the milk. This mixture is stirred gently in order to form a curd on the milk surface. Milk is then strained using a thin cloth to get the curd on the cloth. Curd called 'chenna' is washed with tap water and then cloth is twisted to drain the water out. Remaining curd is kneaded and then all purpose flour is added to the kneaded curd. This mixture is kneaded again and then balls are formed.

Rasgulla Recipe Stage 2:
First sugar is boiled in water in a pan. Curd balls are soaked in the syrup and cooked again for 15 minutes with pan partially covered. That's the final process. After cooking you will see balls are puffed up with syrup. Then they are cooled and then rose water is added.

Rasgulla recipe is ready to serve.
Enjoy rasgulla at home after the meal or at evening teatime.

Rasgulla Recipe History

Rasgulla is a succulent sweet snack eaten widely in South East Asia in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Rasgulla is also known as cham cham. It is prepared with oval shaped balls called chenna which are made with milk and all purpose flour. Chenna balls are then cooked in sugar syrup which is stored inside the balls during cooking and falls in the mouth while eating. It's origin place is believed to be West Bengal in East India.

Rasgulla recipe with milk is adopted widely all over Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. People like it, eat it and love it. KFoods.com brings opportunity for you to make this lovely sweet yourself with ease.

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rasgullay are the king of pakistani sweets. It is also known as chum chum but i like to call it ras gulla because it is beautiful name and gives more attraction.

  • Hina, Sargodha

Thanks for giving me this rasgulla recipe chef fauzia. I had although not heard about fauzia but recently watched some recipes by Fauzia chef and realized that she is amazing chef, her recipes are perfect and better than many other chefs.

  • Zulekha, Islamabad

Rasgulla is a very yummy and delicious sweet. It is available on every sweets shops. We ate this Rasgulla in very weekend. But now i prepare this Rasgulla in home very easily. And enjoyed with friends and family with different occasions. Thank you

  • Jasmine, Lahore

I like to eat delicious rasgullas , people eat it only on eid or at seldom times however i eat it very frequently. Looking at the recipe for ingredients , i will forward it to my sis and bring her all the things required to make it. Will be enjoying it at home next time.

  • Zaheer Ahmed, Hyderabad

Thank you for offering this cham cham recipe bcoz we all like sweets very much but did not know to make it at all. But after studying this recipe I am confident to make it myself. It seems easy to make therefore i should not have any problem in making this sweet.

  • Raeesa, Bahawalpur