Paneer Kofta Recipe in Urdu

Paneer Kofta

پنیری کوفتے

گائے کا قیمہ ----- آدھا کلو
انڈہ ----- ایک عدد
پیاز ------ ایک عدد
ڈبل روٹی کا چورہ ------ ایک پیالی
موزریلا پنیر (چوکور کٹے ہوئے) ----- پانچ سو گرام
پسی ہوئی کالی مرچ ----- ایک چائے کا چمچ
پیپریکا ------ ایک چائے کا چمچ
پارمیزان پنیر ------ ایک کھانے کا چمچ
مسٹرڈ پیسٹ ----- ایک کھانے کا چمچ
وارچسٹر شائر ساس ------ ایک کھانے کا چمچ
لہسن (چوپ کیا ہوا) ----- دو کھانے کے چمچ
نمک ------ آدھا چائے کا چمچ
تیل ------ دو کھانے کے چمچ
ملی جلی سبزیاں ----- پیش کرنے کے لیے
قیمے میں انڈہ٬ پیاز ٬ ڈبل روٹی کا چورہ٬ پارمیزان پنیر٬ کالی مرچ٬ پیپریکا٬ لہسن٬ مسٹرڈ پیسٹ٬ وارچسٹر شائر ساس تیل اور نمک ملا لیں- اس قیمے کے کوفتے بنائیں٬ ہر کوفتے کے درمیان میں موزریلا پنیر کا ایک ٹکڑا رکھ کر پہلے سے گرم اوون میں 200 ڈگری سینٹی گریڈ پر بیس منٹ تک پکا کر نکال لیں- سبزیوں کو ایک کھانے کے چمچے میں تیل میں تل لیں- ان پر نمک اور کالی مرچ چھڑک کر کوفتوں کے ساتھ پیش کریں-

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Find out the Paneer Kofta Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Beef & Mutton. Paneer Kofta is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Paneer Kofta and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Paneer Kofta

Paneer kofta recipe is a nice cheese-flavored meatball. Imagine the delish when Mozzarella cheese permeates into minced beef and combined with other spices, that's soft and delicate cheese kofta. It is almost similar to malai kofta recipe, however it makes use of meat and eggs. Find the recipe in Urdu and enjoy a wonderful dinner party tonight.

How to Make Paneer Kofta Recipe (Summarized Method)

In order to make a superb paneer kofta dish, first add eggs, onions, breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, black pepper, paprika, garlic, mustard paste, worcestershire sauce oil and salt to minced meat. Make meatballs with mince mixture; place a little piece of mozzarella cheese inside every meatball. Then cook all the meatballs in a 200 deg. preheated oven for 20 minutes. Fry vegetables in one tablespoon oil. Sprinkle salt and black pepper and serve with koftas.

Now it's time to enjoy delicious paneer koftas.

Main Ingredients of Paneer Kofta

Paneer or cheese kofta gives a wonderful taste of kofta that you have ever imagined. Adding paneer (cheese) to koftas puts a great impacts on its overall taste and it becomes a dish with entirely different taste. This recipe is actually an enhancement of Indian kofta recipe which makes use of cheese for additional taste. Recipes uses beef mince, eggs, onions, breadcrumbs, mixed vegetables and Mozzarella cheese finally which is essence of the dish.

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Pakistani and Indian cuisines are full of different kinds of kofta recipes. After cheese kofta, other kofta recipes include palak kofta recipe, malai kofta recipe, Pakistani kofta recipe and so on. Every week, Pakistani and Indian kitchens are emitting aromatic smoke of kofta curry of different kinds. Women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are expert in cooking various kinds of kofta. You can too learn to cook this awesome food.

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I have a special trick to add awesome taste to paneer kofta recipe which no one else knows. I am making beef & mutton recipes for long time and I know many tips to make foods tasty.

Mar 08, 2017 Maier Lahore

This paneer kofta is a very delicious meatball recipe , so I have chosen it for making it the coming weekend. We keep eating meat and mincemeat dishes including koftas but still this is new to me. So I am quite interested in making it and see how does it actually taste . Hope we all will enjoy.

Sep 07, 2016 Zainab Islamabad

Paniri kofte is a famous dish of Pak and Ind. Our relatives live in kolkata india , when they come to lahore, they cook it and we enjoy . It is a marvelous thing. I got its recipe today at your website, and decided to make it as soon as possible.

Aug 24, 2016 Rehana Lahore

it looks so nice in the picture . i want to make it and enjoy but this recipe is given in urdu which is a bit hard for me to understand. I will love to find it in english . if you can provide to me , please do it, otherwise i will try to get help from someone of my friends.

Aug 23, 2016 Zahida LHR

Like kofta dish but paneer kofta heard first time, I will try it soon because my kids love to eat cheese. so it will be yammy and cheese kofta .. superb

Aug 15, 2016 Naila Kar

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