Khubani Ka Meetha Recipe in Urdu

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Khubani Ka Meetha
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خوبانی کا میٹھا
سوکھی خوبانی ۔۔ آدھا کلو
پانی ۔۔ ایک لیٹر
دودھ ۔۔ آدھا کلو
کریم ۔۔ آدھا کپ
چینی ۔۔ 250 گرام
کٹے بادام ۔۔ 20-15 عدد
ونیلا کسٹرڈ ۔۔ تین کھانے کے چمچے
آدھا کلو سوکھی خوبانیوں کے بیج نکال کر دو ٹکڑے کریں اور ہلکی آنچ پر پکال کر نرم کرلیں۔ اب ایک لیٹر پانی میں 250 گرام چینی ڈال کر شیرہ بنائیں۔ اب پکی خوبانیوں اور شیرے کو بلینڈر میں ڈال کر اچھی طرح بلینڈر کرلیں۔ اس کے تین کھانے کے چمچے ونیلا کسٹرڈ تیار کر کے اس کے اوپر خوبانی کا میٹھا ڈال دیں۔ اب آدھا کریم کو اچھی طرح پھینٹ کر اوپر ڈالیں۔ آخر میں 20-15 عدد بادام ڈال کر سرو کریں۔
Chef Rida Aftab,Posted By: Yusra Jamshed,

Find out the Khubani Ka Meetha Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Ice Cream & Deserts. Khubani Ka Meetha is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Khubani Ka Meetha and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Khubani Ka Meetha

Khubani ka Meetha is a famous sweet recipe from South Asia. This sweet dish is made with dried apricots; they are soaked, then cooked and finally served with cream. It is one of the most famous Hyderabadi desserts, usually served at Hyderabadi weddings. here presents an easy recipe for this sweet from Chef Rida Aftab. See, cook it and enjoy.

Khubani or Qubani Ka Meetha is a famed dessert of South Asia. It was originated from Hyderabad, India however now it is widely considered as a sweet dish in different regions. It is traditionally served at weddings events in Hyderabad however foodies with sweet tooth enjoy it in general as well.

'Khubani' or 'Qubani' is Urdu term for 'apricot' and the term 'Meetha' is the Urdu word for 'Sweet'. Among hundreds of Indian desserts, Qubani Ka Meetha or Apricot Sweet was chosen by the mass of the region as their choice. The recipe utilizes natural taste of apricots, enhances it with other add-ons and finally produces a marvel to eat.


Recipe of Khubani Ka Mitha involves boiling the dried apricots till they are turned into a thick soup. Chopped or blanched almonds are used for topping on the dish and thick cream (malai) is used to finalize the recipe.

Main ingredients include:

  • Dried Apricots
  • Chopped Almonds
  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Custard

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My cousin made these khubani ka meetha in the last iftar and believe you in me that it was “superb” in the true sense of words….!!!!!! I mean literally very tasty

  • sameera, sialkot

My friend likes to eat sweets very much so I made these for her just to make her happy. After eating them she said that it is the best khubani ka meetha she has ever tasted in her whole life.

  • Asifa, Orangi

I once tried this recipe when I was in Bahawalpur. My aunt made this recipe for me and I loved it very much. Now I have the recipe to try this and I am surely going to try this recipe at least once.

  • Sahina, sahiwal

This is something new to me . I have been eating various sweets and desserts however after eating kheer, phirni, seviyan, zarda and mithai, this is really amazing to eat. I will be trying it soon.

  • Najma, Lahore

my mama made khubani ka meetha at home last days. I am so glad as I love enjoying this with every recipe. All of the fried things taste so good with this one.

  • Lubna, KARACHI