Icecream Jelly pudding

This is special for children and adults as it has a unique taste of icecream and pineapple when served in scorching summer or even in chilly afternoons

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• Vanilla Ice-Cream 1/2 liter
• PineApple Jelly 1 packet
• Plane cake 1/2 pond
• PineApple or fruit cocktail 1 tin
Cream 1 packet
Chocolate chip/chunks 2 table spoons
How to make Icecream Jelly pudding


STEP 1 : Mix pineapple jelly packet in pineapple juice / cocktail and refrigerate until its cold

STEP 2: Beat the ice cream into a bowl with spoon or fork until it smoothens fluffy and add the refrigerated jelly mixture in the ice-cream and the chunks of pineapple or fruit cocktail as well.

STEP 3 : Spread the cake pieces on the surface of serving bowl and add a little pineapple juice over cake pieces and then add the ice cream mixture prepared in step 2 and then refrigerate it for about half an hour in the freezer and then garnish with pineapple pieces and chocolate chip.

Posted By: Ambreen Waqar, Rawalpindi

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