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2 kg full cream liquid milk
25-30 almonds(badam)
8-10 green cardamoms(hari illaichi)
2 tb sp(table spoon) long grain rice
salted butter 125 grams or 1/2 of 250 grams block of butter(makhan)
thickened(whipping) cream 1&1/2 cups
raw or white sugar 1 cup
carrots(gajerain)- 1/2 kg approximately 4 carrots
How to make Gajrela


Grate the carrots

Soak rice in water.

In a large pot put butter and put on the heat so that it melts,add green cardamoms, don't fry them too much

Just when the butter melts, add grated carrots and mix well

Carrots will release their water

Keep stirring them and don't let them burn

Meanwhile soak almonds and put them in microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Once carrots become red/darker/roasted(bhun jayeen)and there is aroma add milk

also add the soaked rice

Meanwhile peel the almonds and grind them coarsely

Now when every thing is added to gajrela, keep the heat on low so that it does not burn or boil and spill out.. a nice tip(TOTKA) to avoid this is to keep the stirring spoon in the cooking pot.

Keep stirring it frequently, so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

When it appears thicker, add sugar, now sugar will melt and make it thinner again so you'll need to cook it further

Cooking gajrela takes a long time.. like cooking karhi.. it may cook for 1/2 of the day.

When it appears that carrots and rice have softened and it appears to be ready add thickened cream.

Some people add crushed coconut but it is a new addition to the recipe of gajrela, in the basic recipe coconut is not added

When it thickens add ground almonds & mix well.

Cook it until it gets thickened as per your desire,

When cool down put in fridge, it becomes thicker once cold.

Garnish with almonds and serve chilled.


Don't use basmati rice for this recipe, try to get rice from a new crop.

According to Bajia's nani jaan, milk carrot ratio for gajrela is: for 1 kg milk use 1/4 kg carrots.

In olden days cream was not added as pure milk was used which already had a lot of fat in it.
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