Vegetable Price List Karachi

Vegetable price list give you all latest updates about vegetable market prices. KF not only update you about market price but also provide you all latest Mandi and Bachat Bazar Vegetable Price. So keep in touch with KFoods and get the all latest updates about Vegetable Prices List & Bachat Bazar Price.

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Dec 25, 2020 SALAM KHAN 33500

There is no check i purchase fresh lemon 449 Rs per kg from imtiaz store gulshan today and fresh coriander leaves Rs 289 per kg

Oct 14, 2020 Niaz Ahmad Karachi

Thanks For the sharing actual vegetable price list. But, sir karachi's any area not selling this price list.. especially Sabzi mandi also not follow your vegetable price list..

Sep 25, 2020 Shaheer Karachi

if you are not responsible for selling in high price and not able to take action the sellers what is the purpose of this price list

Jul 30, 2020 Muhammad Naveed Karachi north

Thank You So much Kfoods your work is so hard but u daily update prices of Vegetables, Beef, Mutton, Chicken etc.. Thanks again

Jun 16, 2020 sadaf ausaf Karachi

Food is the most basic need of every living creature in this world. However, the continuous rise in the fruit prices and other food items, also known as ‘Food inflation’, marks up the situation accelerating in Pakistan over the past few years. Food inflation makes it a perfect time to start searching up for the latest fruits price list for basic household food items. Especially since the Holy month of Ramadan is currently taking places across the country.

Fruit price list in Pakistan has gone quite high as compared to the past and the cost is continuously increasing at a rapid pace. Our Fruits price list updates you with all the latest fruit price and fruits in market price. We do not only update you about the Market price but also provides you with the entire latest bachat bazar fruit price list. Stay tuned to our fruit price list to know more or when prices fluctuate.