Butter cubes

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Butter is a diary product, essentially the fat of cream separated from other milk constituents by churning or some form of agitation. Butter can be made from either sweet/ sour cream. Butter made from the latter has a more pronounced flavour. Butter must have a minimum of 80% fat content, a maximum of 16% moisture (water) and a non fat solid content of 2%. It generally has a pale yellow color, but can vary since the colour is dependent on the animal's feed and is commonly manipulated with food colours in the commercial manufacturing process, most commonly carotene or annatto. There can be many factors which separate the flavour, colour and texture of butter manufactured by various companies. The most common ones would be the breed of cow/ buffalo and the feed provided to the same since this affects the quality of milk from which butter is obtained later. Other factors include addition of salt and colour, whether butter was blended or not, method and efficiency of manufacture, packaging etc. India produces and consumes more butter than any other nation, and allocates almost half of its annual milk pool to butter production.

 Butter (fresh, 100 gr): 736 Calories

Butter cubes

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