Pepper cheese Meaning in English

As the name suggests, the 'pepper cheese' refers to cream cheese slabs or spreads which have been flavoured with jalapeno pepper or crushed peppercorns. Addition of herbs adds to the savoury taste of cheese and can be enjoyed with crackers or between the breads. The pepper cheese may be prepared at home by blending the cheese with the peppers or purchased from market in different flavours. Pepper cheese has the intensity of spicy hot peppers for a zesty flavour. Spicy, delicate, soft & with a slightly tart flavour, pepper cheese is a favourite among all. Jalapeno Pepper cheese makes an excellent accompaniment for cheese trays, spicy dinners, or as a cheese melt on top of burgers and grilled sandwiches.

 Pepper (1 tspn): 5 Calories


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