Low fat cream

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Low Fat Cream is the sour cream obtained by processing the milk fats or the cream layer. It comprises of oil and fat ingredients and emulsifying ingredients. The solid fat content is not less than 50 % at 5' C and not less than 40% at 15' C. It has good over-run after the whipping and capability of making artificial flowers, good stability at room temperature and excellent flavor and melting properties in the mouth.it is thich white and slightly tangy to taste. How to SelectIt is easily available in almost all the diary stores and in food malls or grocery stores. Just check for the fat percentage before buying and ask for the low fat one. Manufacturer's include Hood's low fat cream, Weight Watcher's Low fat sour cream, Amul Fresh Cream; etc. It is generally available in laminated plastic tetrapacks.

Low fat cream

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