Toast Recipes

Toast recipes are breakfast recipes in which a slice of bread is heated and browned and then used in different ways to eat. There are many kinds of toasts recipes which are mainly garlic toast recipes, stuffed French toast recipes, cinnamon toast recipes and different other browned bread recipes.

Bread slices become harder during browning process as due to a maillard reaction which makes it easy to spread jam, jelly, butter or other kinds of spreads on the slice. Toasted bread is more palatable than normal bread and that's why it is a widely adopted method to prepare breakfasts. Breads can be toasted with an electric toaster which consists of heating elements. Toaster ejects slices as they are perfectly browned. Toaster ovens and tawa can also be used to toast slices. suggests how to make toast recipes in Urdu and English from the desk of Chef Fauzia, Chef Amina Agha, Chef Zakir and others. Learn French toast recipes, cinnamon toast recipes, fish toasts, Chinese toasts, chilli cheese toasts and many other toast bread recipes. Pick up your favorites and plan your breakfast menu with delicious toast recipe for morning everyday.

Toast Recipes Reviews

Your website is one I like, today I came here to search French Toast recipe as well as some other Desserts Recipes for my family.

  • Bob, Multan
  • Mar 30, 2017

I wish I could enjoy Toasty Paneer Sandwich recipe tonight with my family but I am nowadays in another city at my cousin home. We are cooking and enjoying Iftar Items of different kinds.

  • Mahala, Karachi
  • Mar 30, 2017

My aunty taught me to make chinese fish toast and it was tasteful, then i tried some sea food recipes in the same way and now I can cook amazing recipes.

  • Lubna, Hyderabad
  • Mar 13, 2017