How to Make Khubani Ka Meetha with Custard

khubani ka meetha recipe
Cook seedless apricots in 2 glass water

how to make khubani ka meetha
Add sugar and keep cooking at low flame until it becomes soft

khobani meetha urdu recipe
Once apricots are soft, mash them all with spoon

apricot sweet custard recipe
When the liquid is thick, khubani meetha (apricot sweet) is ready. Transfer to a dish

khubani meetha with custard
Mix custard powder to 1/2 cup chilled milk

khubani meetha recipe in urdu
Boil remaining milk

hyderabadi khubani ka meetha
Once milk simmers, pour the milk you mixed custard powder with. Mix well

hyderabadi apricot dessert
Keep stirring

apricot dessert recipe
If custard becomes thick, it's ready

apricot sweet dish recipe
Transfer custard to the dish (where you kept apricots sweet)

apricots dessert urdu recipe
Tasty Khubani Meetha is Ready
Garnish with almonds and char magaz seeds and serve.

How to Make Khubani Ka Meetha with Custard


  • Dried apricots: 1/2 kg (without seeds)
  • Water: 2 glass
  • Sugar: 1/2 cup (as required)
  • Vanilla Custard Powder: 2 tablespoons
  • Milk: 1/2 kg

For Garnishing:

  • Almonds and Char Magaz Seeds: as required


Preparing Apricots:

  1. Wash dried apricots and remove seeds.
  2. Now cook seedless apricots in two glass water at low heat; add sugar and when apricots are soft, either mash them with spoon or blend with a blender.
  3. When apricots are fully soft like a thick paste, khubani meetha is ready. Transfer in a dish.

Making Custard:

  1. Mix custard powder in 1/2 cup chilled milk and boil remaining.
  2. Once milk starts simmering, add custard powder mixed milk; mix completely.
  3. As it becomes thick, move it to a dish.
  4. When you need to serve khubani sweet, put ready custard over it and garnish with almonds and char magaz.

Seedless apricots are easily available in market. If you want to remove seeds yourself, soak apricots in water for whole night and remove seeds in the morning
easily. And then cook (it can be cooked in the same water which you soaked it in).

Khubani ka meetha gives a perfect taste with custard. It is a traditional South Indian dish with a rich history. I planned to prepare it some days ago and then to teach you girls about how to make khubani meetha recipe so did I and now it is available for you. See complete method of making this sweet dessert and try it on a holiday when all your family members are together.

I hope everyone would appreciate it!

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Here is the recipe:

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