How to Make Double ka Meetha Recipe

double ka meetha recipe
Cut bread slices into different shapes.

Bread Ka Mitha
Deep fry slices until they turn golden brown.
If you don't want to deep fry, brush slice with little olive oil and bake in the oven at 180 degrees.Remove when they become golden brown.

double ka meetha
Add saffron or yellow food coloring in milk and boil. When it remains to 1/2 kg, remove from the stove.

double meetha recipe
Add water and green cardamom to water and cook. Remove when thick.

shahi tukra recipe
Spread fried (or baked) slices in a dish.

shahi tukray
Spread the sugar and green cardamom syrup over slices.

shahi tukda recipe
Now spread the milk.

Dabal Ka Meetha
Garnish with almonds and pistachios.

double mitha recipe
Place aside. When bread absorbs milk and water syrup, double ka mitha is ready. Enjoy!

Bread Ka Meetha

Double Ka Meetha (Shahi Tukray Recipe)



  • Bread: 8 to 10 slices
  • Milk: 1 kg
  • Sugar: 1 cup (as per taste)
  • Water: 1 cup
  • Saffron or Yellow Food Coloring: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Green Cardamom: 2 pcs

For Garnishing:

  • Almonds: as much you like
  • Pistachios: as much you like
  • Silver Paper: 1 piece 


  1. Cut bread slices into miscellaneous shapes and deep fry until they are golden brown. If you want to avoid deep frying, drizzle a little oil on slices and bake them in oven. When slices change color to golden brown, remove from oven.

  2. Add saffron or yellow food coloring to milk and place on stove for simmering. As it simmers, lower the flame and let it cook. When it is remained to 1/2 kg, remove from the stove.

  3. Add sugar and green cardamoms in water and cook at medium heat. When syrup becomes thick, remove the pan from stove.

  4. Place fried (or baked) slices in a dish, first pour the sweet water syrup and then milk. Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios and silver paper. Place at room temperature for some time so that slices absorb milk and syrup.

  5. Shahi Tukra (Double Meetha) is ready.

  6. Delight up the party by presenting this tasteful dessert.

Shahi Tukray is known as a very tasty and nutritional sweet dish for kids.


Our today's recipe is about double meetha sweet. As usual, I have prepared a comprehensive step by step guide to make it as easy as possible for you. With pictorial instructions, you can easily understand the purpose of each picture and the activity associated with it.

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Hyderabadi double ka meeta is formed with crispy bread soaked in cardamom and saffron flavored milk. It is best to serve to guests and to enjoy as an after-meal sweet dessert on holidays.

See how to make doubla ka meetha and enjoy the sweet taste from old Hyderabadi cuisines.

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Double Ka Meetha Recipe

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Double ka Meetha Recipe I have prepared a comprehensive step by step guide to make it as easy as possible to make it homemade this recipe and enjoyed the is Fantastic Flaky, juicy, and very crispy Will be making this again I like so very much was the delicious taste with the good teste everyone loved it.

  • Inaya, larkana

Double ka meetha is a very famous dish of hydrabadi cuisine. Its very yummy and loveable by everyone. I really like making it. I will surely try this recipe too.

  • zainab, karachi

This is new sweet dish that I have seen today and I will make it myself. I have to make some delicious sweets for a party and family feast gathering. I would try it but first I would make it for my own self to check it's taste.

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it is new to me and it looks delicious and appealing. I would try this sweet dish and to check out how does it taste. I have tried out many kinds of foods especially I like sweet dishes to enjoy. Hope it is good to taste.

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Heard about this for the first time thats why i stopped by here and studying the recipe and its pictures and steps. Once I understand it, I will try it for my family members, hope they would like it as they like my hand made kheer.

  • Tazeen, Gujrat

doodh main bhe shakar dal sakte hain

  • khadijaebrahim , karachi

double ka meetha is the only pakistani sweet dish that i am yet to enjoy. Otherwise I have enjoyed all kinds of sweet dishes, kheer, custards, pudding, rabri and rasmalai. Now I should enjoy this one.

  • Ghazala, Islamabad

It is very cool and marvelous thing. I think many readers here wouldn't have eaten and enjoyed this as it is an uncommon food and people usually don't know how to make it. So I will recommend them trying this delicious cool dessert.

  • Nabiha, Bahawalpur

Now I will make double ka meetha, I didn't know about this recipe before so I was looking for a new kind of sweet dish, then someone told me about this. Now I will make it and enjoy with my family.

  • Bushra Jiwani Hayat, Karachi

I have eaten all kinds of sweets including kheer, phirni, custards and so i was looking for various other sweets that I have not eaten so far. Double ka meetha seems a good option and I will try it soon.

  • Shumaila, Larkana

it is looking so awesome. Must be presented to guests. I have been hearing and reading about shahi tukre in story books but yet not seen them. Today saw them first time at kfood website and it is going to fascinate me..

  • Rida Abbas, Hyderabad

Hmm. I like this but always with custard. Thanks for sharing easy one recipe.

  • Arisha,

wow lovely. Looks so beautiful and how would it taste. I have seen it first time at website . looks very tasty and I am deciding when to make it <3<3

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Hi, double shahi tukray is my favorite sweet dessert. Love this food. And your website is fantastic!

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kitna mazaidar lag raha hai wow. mai ne is dish ka pehle name suna hua tha lekin hamare ghar me ye nahi banai jati to kabhi na dekhi, na khai. Aj dekhi hai to lag raha hai boht tasty hogi . mai try bhi zaror karungi.

  • Beenish, Karachi

It looks very appealing. It's color is so nice. I am wishing, I could make it right now but lacking some ingredient items. Will try it soon as I get all its ingredients. I'm inspired with your recipes :)

  • Shehla, Amsterdem

it is also called shahi tukra and in our family , it is referred with shahi tukray . It is a very delicious sweet . if people taste it, they will forget other sweet dishes. I like it a lot

  • Bushra Khan, faisalabad

looks really a worthwhile thing. i can serve it at my coming party. good recipe. keep it up men!

  • Huriya, Bahawalpur

mujhe meethe me unique cheezen boht achi lagti hain boht saari cheezein to aisi hain koi banata bhi nahi hai lekin main dhund dhund ke banati hun . loki ka halwa or double ka mitha ye dono to mere favorite hain.

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is it double roti? wow. looks nice and after preparation, it is changed entirely. but i have not tasted it because this is first time i read about this dessert. looks fine. i think it is worth giving a try. shall do.

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looks beautiful. i want to eat it today. now.! it looks very different than other conventions sweets . I am interested in this double roti ka meetha whatever. i arrange things today.

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wow so delicious. never seen this sweet before and now i am just looking how to make it. I think I might try it on coming Sunday all my friends will gather and i will introduce this dessert.

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hmm looks very tasty. i will try. extra bread mangwani pare gi

  • kiran, lahore

How to Make Double ka Meetha Recipe

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