Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe

gulab jamun recipe
Add khoya, baking powder (meetha soda) and all-purpose flour (maida) and knead well

Gulab Jamun recipe in Urdu
Make small balls with kneaded khoya

how to make gulab gamun
Heat oil in saucepan

easy gulab jamun recipe
When oil heats up, lower the flame and put a ball in the oil to observe it's hotness.

Gulab Jamun
Keep stirring the ladle at low flame until balls turn golden brown

Gulab Jamun
In a separate pan, mix water and sugar and place for cooking - When sugar dissolves and gets thick, sugar syrup (chashni) is ready

Gulab Jamun step by step recipe
Put fried balls into sugar syrup

Gulab Jamun recipe kfoods
Hot sweet Gulab Jamuns are ready

How to Make Gulab Jamun (in English)

Gulab Jamun recipe comprises of 4 stages as follows:
1st Stage: Making dough and forming balls
2nd Stage: Frying dough balls
3rd Stage: Sugar Syrup (Chashni) will be made
4th Stage: Gulab Jamun Final

1st Stage: Making Dough
Ingredients Method
Khoya : 250 gms Add khoya, baking powder (meetha soda) and all-purpose flour (maida), mix and knead them well. Then form small balls with kneaded dough.
All purpose flour (maida) : 50 gms
Baking powder (meetha soda) : 1 pinch
2nd Stage: Frying Dough Balls
Ingredients Method
Dough balls First, pour oil in the pan and heat well. As oil is heated up, lower the flame. When oil is low at heat, put a ball and check if it is still very hot. Similarly, fry to golden brown all balls at low flame. When they are fried, take them out and store in a pot.
Ghee/Oil for frying
3rd Stage: Preparing Sugar Syrup (Chashni)
Ingredients Method
Sugar : 1/2 Kg Add water and sugar in a pan and place on stove for cooking When sugar is dissolved and thickens, remove from stove.
Water : 3 Glasses
4th Stage: Gulab Jamun Recipe
Gulab Jamun Ingredients Method
Sugar Syrup Add fried gulab jamuns into sugar syrup so they get fully sweet. Hot and Sweet Gulab Jamuns are ready! Serve, Eat and Delight!
Fried Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is surely the most popular sweet of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh region. It is the first choice to celebrate a success, merriment or to distribute on engagements and weddings. In Pakistan, people buy gulab jamun on Eid and serve to the visiting guests. You know you can make gulab jamun at home very easily. is sharing a very simple Pakistani gulab jamun recipe in Urdu & English. Celebrate the sweetness of gulab jamuns at home and enjoy this wonder sweet at home.
Do not forget to gather all gulab jamun ingredients that include:

  • Khoya: 250 grams
  • Maida Flour: 50 grams
  • Baking Powder(meetha soda): 1 pinch
  • Ghee/Oil: as much required for frying
  • Sugar: 1/2 kg
  • Water: 3 glasses

Gulab Jamun is cooked in different styles and available in variety of flavors. Some famous gulab jamun varieties include Shahi gulab jamun, bread gulab jamuns, khoya gulab jamun, mix gulab jamun and so on. View recipe of Gulab jamun in English here. If you are comfortable with Urdu, see how to make gulab jamun with Urdu recipe.

The ingredients are simple and healthy. You will just cook the recipe in an hour. You will also find many other recipes by your favorite and well-known cooking experts.

P.S: If you really like sweets, you can also try rasgulla recipe.

Gulab Jamun is surely the most well known sweet of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh region. It is the principal decision to celebrate success, joy or to distributes on engagement and weddings. In Pakistan, individuals purchase gulab jamun on Eid and serve to the visiting guest. You realize you can make gulab jamun at home no problem at all.

Perceive how to make Gulab Jamun in Urdu and English with step by step picture directions shared by At whatever point I find out about Gulab Jamun, my mouth begins watering as it is one of the most delightful sweets. Its sweet invigorating taste would charm you each time when you want to have a sweet. Gulab Jamun is regularly picked to be introduced at gatherings and events. forever presents simple step by step recipe for your preferred Pakistani food When there is Eid to come, or you hold a family assembling at your home, Gulab Jamun is one of those dishes that work impeccably at events. Eating Gulab Jamun after the dinner gives a feeling of a total attractive supper.

I realize you would peep around for recipes. We are introducing a snappy and simple Gulab Jamun recipe with milk powder for every one of the individuals who like Pakistani desserts. Continue looking down to see the photos and locate the full recipe in Urdu beneath with complete fixings and technique. Gulab Jamun is cooked in different styles and accessible in a variety of flavors. Some famous gulab jamun varieties incorporate Shahi gulab jamun, bread gulab jamuns, khoya gulab jamun, blend gulab jamun, etc. View recipe of Gulab jamun in English here. If you are alright with Urdu, perceive how to make gulab jamun with Urdu recipe. The fixings are basic and solid. You will simply cook the recipe in 60 minutes. You will likewise find many different recipes by your most loved and notable cooking specialists.

Gulab Jamun Step By Step Recipe

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Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe I always make this dish in my home it so easy to follow and this is very tasty as well to make it.I tried this recipe I can make it step by step to help specially Kfoods recipe its really easy to make it this is very tasty as well I like Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe.

  • maryam, Larkana

This Eid I tried this recipe and my mother was so proud because I rarely step into the kitchen. The gulab jamun came out so amazing that I couldn't help but eat so many myself.

  • waheed abassi, karachi

Greeting from Sheema, I live in Dhaka and I am a fond of eating sweets and mithai. Although Bangali sweets are already very delicious that whole world follows sweets of Bengal. I still explore other cuisines especially I like Pakistani sweets.

  • Hamna, Sheikhupura

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I was seriously looking for gulab jamuns and found it here. It is so delicious and wonderful sweet and making it is easy as well. May be your recipe is presented very well that I deemed it very easy. Anyway thanks for offering this nice recipe.

  • Samreen, Hyderabad

Hi and salam, please give me the recipe in Arabic or English! I am really interested in making this gulab jamun but I want it in my language. Please share if you have or translate this recipe. Thanks.

  • Zaheera, Faisalabad

Gulab jamuns, wow, the most favorite sweet of mine, i have made almost all kinds of mithai like i have made barfi, i have also made balushahi, and kalakand. Now I would like to make gulab jamun and enjoy with my family.

  • Mehwish, LHR

I want to make gulab jamun but could not make it in round shape. May be it needs practice so I shall do more practice for making it. Now I got the real recipe for it and am very thankful for it. This recipe is very very easy.

  • Shahina, Manchester

Gulab jamun is lovely sweet, it always gives a great taste. Let me tell you an interesting thing that when you make gulab jamuns at home it is tastier than gulab jamuns you buy from famous sweet shops. These homemade gulab jamuns are warm and contain sweet juicy structure.

  • Huma, Karachi

I like this recipe very very much. There are very few recipes that are presented this way. That's really spectacular, awesome and easy method. Step by step pictures have made a really amazing piece of gulab jamun guide.

  • Maria, RWL

Gulab jamuns are the best sweets to enjoy on Eid days. Whether people make and serve it on Eid ul Fitar but I make it also on Eid ul Adha day because there must be some sweet recipes other than just meat, boti and yakhni.

  • Neelo, LHR

My wife is much fond of eating gulab jamuns, she keeps insisting me to buy bring gulab jamuns but their is no good shop in the way to home from my office. I told her to make it herself, I would bring the ingredients and the necessary things required.

  • A.Rehman, Lahore

Gulab jamun is the best sweet mithai i have ever eaten. It has no match at all, I like it a lot that even without any occasion or festival, I like to enjoy gulab jamuns. My wife once made it herself at home however it was long ago. Now I asked her again to make it. She told me search the recipe and give it to her. I am sending this recipe to my wife, she will make gulab jamun for me yayy!

  • Nadir Shafiq, Gujranwala

gulab jamun is a wonderful sweet dish. I always like to enjoy it after the lunch and dinner however, it is not always available. Therefore I would forward this recipe to my wife and she will make sure gulab jamun are available anytime for me.

  • Rana Ahmed, Karachi

Hamean smj hi nai aa rahi g kesy bnany hn plz asan alfaz mn likhen

  • faiza, multan

gulab jaman is the best sweet I have ever eaten. I appreciate this recipe and want to make it again and again. I will keep this recipe with me and will make it with my daughters. They also help me in cooking foods.

  • Saima, Zhob

What if khoya is not available

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Amazing ...i will try inshaAllah

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a.o.a api ata gondty waqt oil dal ky gondna ha ya pani dal kar

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Can we use milk powder instead of khoya

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Very easy method. I will try it. Inshaa Allah

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Wow yummmy.i like gulaab zror recipie try kro ge

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Very delishes & yamme

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I have note some of recipie i will try soon inshallah.

  • mehnaz saeed, virginia

I like gulab jammun but yaha khoya ni milta tu uski jaga dry milk use kr sakty ha kia or dho ko dhood k sath ghondy kindly tell m its answer soon thanx

  • Mrs shahid, Dubai

aksar gulab jaman khane kay baad seena heavy heavy ho jata hai. koi aisa tarika bataen jis se seene me jalan or heavy pan na ho. warna mai nahi kha sakti. mujhe bht problem hoti hai seene ki jalan ke waja se

  • Farina, karachi

boht mazey ka hain ye tou

  • akash, hyderabad

mai bakra eid pe gulaab jamun bhi zaroor banaun gi kiyu ke gosht kha kha ke phir gosht se uktahat hone lagti hai is liye kuch meethi cheeze bhi honi chahye taste change karne ke liye

  • Saima, sahiwal

gulab jaamn humein shuru se hi boht pasand hain . bachpan se hi mujhko is ka taste acha lagta tha or mai ne socha tha ke mai khud banau gi . or ab recipe dekh kar to zarur.

  • yasmin, hyd

is me agar size chota bara karna ho to kese hoga. kiyun ke tasvir me chote size ke hain lekin mujhe baray size ke banane hain jesa ke bazar se milte hain

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mujhe bht mazey mazey ke lagtey hain dil karta hay khate hi raho. chote chote ziada ache hote hain . bazar se kharidne se acha hai khud banao ghar pe

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looks very tasty. it can also be used in zarda and also eaten with spoon. i like such recipes . thanks for giving such a marvelous sweet recipe for gulab jamans.

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very nice recepies

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woow now im quite confident to see make it. it is an incredible guide I never believed to get it before. It's very easy . I will be making this gulab jamuns tonight. :)

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gulab jaman boht tasty lag rahe hain. I can't believe it will be so easy to make. I will make my self instead of asking my wife to make for me. I will make for her.

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yar is tarha ki recipe mai dhondta reh gaya mujhe nahi mili . mujhe gulab jamuns banane the lekin us waqt shayd ap ne ye recipe post nahi ki thi .

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before reading this post, I always have wondered how to make this round shape sweet. Now I got it. It's my favorite and I will must make it next week or may be next month in September.

  • Shafaq Naz, Lahore

i love gulab jamuns and very glad to see its so easy recipe. i never have seen so simple and clear recipe for any dish and you made it really easy.

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ap ki recipe dekh kar gulab jamun banana itna mushkil nahi lag raha warna ye banane ka to kabhi socha hi nahi tha or aam tor par gulab jamun kisi ke ghar bante hue dekhe bhi nahi . lekin recipe dekh ke lag raha hai ke ban jaenge.

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gulab jamun mujhe eid pe banane honge mehmanon ke liye. mere husband sweet shops se le ke ate the phichli eidon pe lekin is dafa mera khud mood hai ke ghar pe hi banaun apne hath se. is liye ye recipe abhi se apne computer me save kar ke rakh rahi hon

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I like gulab jamun. please i want to know more sweet recipes.

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thank you for gulab jaman recipe. that's my favorite sweet

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It is wonderful to guide it very comprehensive way, let me share with my Baji to try it home . Thanks to share.

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Me and all my family members like the gulab jamun and almost all get together, it is in our menu. let me try it at home. thanks

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Nice and tasty jamun recipe. pls share more sweet recipes. thanks

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Good evening,can u gve me the recipe for gulabJamoon in English. Thanks much,Kim.

  • kim, georgetown

Salam Alaikum, Can you please write the recipe of gulab jaman in english please!I really want to learn it. Im waiting for the answer.

  • Arzou, netherlands

Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe

Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe ہر کسی کے لیے جاننا ضروری ہیں کیونکہ یہ ایک اہم معلومات ہے۔ Pakistani Gulab Jamun Recipe سے متعلق تفصیلی معلومات آپ کو اس آرٹیکل میں بآسانی مل جائے گی۔ ہمارے پیج پر کھانوں، مصالحوں، ادویات، بیماریوں، فیشن، سیلیبریٹیز، ٹپس اینڈ ٹرکس، ہربلسٹ اور مشہور شیف کی بتائی ہوئی ہر قسم کی ٹپ دستیاب ہے۔ مزید لائف ٹپس، صحت، قدرتی اجزاء اور ماڈرن ریمیڈی کے فوڈز میں موجود ہے۔