Iftar Buffets Deals Karachi 2019

1. Lal Qila

Lal Qila Ramadan Iftar + Dinner Deals 2017

1st Half: Iftar + Dinner (6:15 pm to 8:30 pm)
Charges: Adult Rs. 1250/= Child Rs. 650/=

2nd Half: Dinner only (9:00 pm to 11:00 pm)
Charges: Adult Rs. 990/= Child Rs. 520/=

Note: Deals are available from 1st Ramadan till 1st June 2017.

2. One Potato Two Potato

OPTP Iftar Deals 2017

Have sehri or iftar fun with sandwiches, burgers and lot more at OPTP restaurant Karachi.

3. Kolachi Restaurant Karachi

Kolachi Iftar + Dinner Deal 2017
Price: 1890 Rs. +Tax

4. Barbeque Tonight

Barbeque Tonight Iftar Buffet 2017

All you can eat iftar buffet: Iftar items + Salad bar + Drinks + Main course.
Price: Rs. 1650/- (includes 13% tax)

5. Rangoli Restaurant

Rangoli Iftar Deals 2017
Price: Rs. 1399/- +tax

6. Student Biryani

Enjoy iftar deals at famous Student Biryani.

7. Arizona Grill

Arizona Grill Ramadan Iftar + Dinner Deals 2017
Price: Rs. 1595/- +Tax
Find details on the image above.

8. Ginsoy Chinese Restaurant

Ginsoy Iftar Deals 2017:
Price: 30% off (valid from 1st to 15th Ramadan)

9. Lasania

Lasania Restaurant Iftar Deal 2017
Price: Rs. 1000/- per head

10. Shan e Mughlia

Shan e Mughlia Iftar Deal 2017: 15% discount from 1st to 10th Ramadan
Price: Rs. 1249/- per head (after discount)

11. Salt' n Pepper Village Restaurant

Iftar Dinner Deal at Salt n Pepper - Village
Price: Rs. 1395/- plus tax
NOTE: Deal is applicable for first 3 rozas

12. Nando's

Nandos Ramadan Deals 2017 for 2, 4, 6 and 8 persons
Price: Starting from Rs. 750/- per head

13. Movenpick Hotel

Movenpick Ramadan Buffet 2017
Price: Starting from Rs. 2295/- +tax per person

14. Urban Tarka

Urban Tarka Iftar Deal 2017
Price: Adults - Rs. 1200/- with tax | Kids - Rs. 800/- with tax

15. Daily Dubai Restaurant

Daily Dubai Iftar Deal 2017
Price: Rs. 1190/- including all taxes.

16. Del Frio Restaurant

Del Frio Iftar Buffet 2017
Price: Rs. 1195/- +tax

17. Rosati Bistro

Rosati Bistro Iftar & Dinner Buffet 2017
Price: Adults - Rs. 1199/- +tax | Kids - Rs. 699/- +tax

18. Cafe Bella Vita

Cafe Bella Vita Iftar 2017 - Starter + Main Course + Gelato Scoop
Price: Rs. 1200/-

19. KFC

KFC Iftar Deal 2017
Price: Rs. 1450/-

Ramadan ul Mubarak 2017 (1438) is imminent, while writing these lines, it is just 6 days away. When you would be reading this article, Holy Ramadan will be started.

Normally, we do iftar at home but some day we like go out of the routine. We plan to eat iftar out either with family or with a group of friends.

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. For Karachiites, luckily there are unlimited places where they can enjoy Iftar + Dinner with family, friends or colleagues.

From barbecue to fast food, traditional to Italian and Chinese foods, Karachi offers everything.

See: Ramadan Deals in Karachi 2016

Looking for iftar deals in Karachi?

Alright. Find here a list of 20 iftar and dinner deals in Karachi for 2017. KFoods.com presents a list of 2017 buffet in Karachi. Scroll down to find the suitable one for you.

Iftar Buffet Deals Karachi

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gonna track these deals in 2019. why in the world did i miss iftar buffet deals previous year, oh why lord why? i am a foodaholic, get me good deals this ramzan k-foods, okayy?

  • Sehar, Karachi

bella vita is an extraordinary high class really great place I love this place.

  • hasan moria, karachi

lal qila is a nice place I always visit with my family.

  • aleem jamal, karachi

achi jaga ha pasand aii mary kzn ko wo log ayy hoay thy punjab sy bht taref ki

  • raza rizvi, karachi

lassania ky bary ma btay ky wahn kasa system ha or ap discoun t karwasakty hn whn pr hm agar jay to

  • arman ali, karachi

Lal Qila buffet is best one .

  • Fast Lane Delivery Service, Karachi

Iftar Buffets Deals Karachi 2019

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