5 Delicious Keema Recipes with Extra-Ordinary Taste

1. Keema Aloo Matar

keema aloo matar

Keema tastes great, when cooked with couple of nice vegetables. And one of such combinations is Keema aloo matar recipe. KFoods.com tells the exact method for making this delish easily.
See how to make keema aloo matar recipe.

2. BBQ Fry Keema

bbq fry keema

Get ready to enjoy a keema you never did before!
BBQ fry keema recipe is a unique way to cook keema. This recipe will be new to many household women. So let's cook this and serve keema as a new dish to your husband or parents.
See how to make bbq fry keema in Urdu

3. Lobia Keema

lobia keema recipe

This recipe explains how to cook minced meat with white kidney beans. Lobia keema would be a wonderful dish on your dining table. So never miss it.
Get recipe for lobia keema by KFoods

4. Keema Ghotala

keema ghotala recipe

An old dish with superb taste!
.Keema ghotala is favourite of many. Those who have eaten it know how tasty it is. Cook once and you would be planning to cook it again.
Step by step Urdu recipe for keema ghotala

5. Keema Methi

keema methi

Methi (fenugreek) is like the 'midas touch' in vegetables. As methi is cooked with something, it turns it into marvel.
Same with keema here!
Enjoy the best keema recipe ever.Get keema methi recipe in Urdu

Find out the best keema recipes from Pakistani cuisine!

Keema or minced meat is a very famous, happily-eaten and tasteful dish eaten in Pakistan. There are many dishes prepared with keema such as keema aloo, keema matar, keema ghotala, keema fry and tawa keema. It is usually an essential part of the monthly household ration. Women cook it eagerly and kids and elders eat it zealously.

Keema eaten in Pakistan the most are beef and mutton keema however nowadays chicken keema is also in and people are making several dishes with it.
KFoods.com offers 5 most delicious keema recipes with step by step procedure in Urdu.
Make your meals unforgettable with unique dishes of minced meat offered below:

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5 Delicious Keema Recipes in different ways,as per your taste and softness Its really easy to make this homemade keema recipe is a unique way to cook or mutton keema tastes best along with hot rotis or parathas It is really so great and good taste It is the delicious dish makes it.

  • Amna, karachi
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keema is my favorite food. I love to make it and eat it as well. I tried Keema Lobia and Keema Matar recipe from this website. they were yummilicious. awesome recipes.

  • anjum, gujrat
  • Sep 17, 2018

wow , these are amazing recipes. Very very good !

  • Sadaf,
  • Sep 04, 2016

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