5 Delicious Recipes from the Arab World

1. Arabic Mandi Rice

Arabic Mandi Recipe

Mandi is a famous rice dish in Arab. It is one of the main dishes available in restaurants of Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. One variation of it's recipe is known as Yemeni Mandi, however we are sharing the recipe of the popular Arabic Chicken Mandi.
See how to make Arabic mandi rice (step by step)

2. Falafel

falafel recipe

Falafel is a delicious Arabic kabab. Its specialty is the use of white chickpeas instead of Bengal split gram. Other special ingredients like breadcrumbs and lemon juice also add special value to its taste.
Get Falafel recipe step by step

3. Kafta Kabab

kafta kabab recipe

Kafta kebab is a very delicious kabab from Arabic cuisine. Kafta is made with chicken mince with a mixture of onions, coriander, garlic, mint and some other spices. It's perfect to enjoy with a rice dish. Also suitable having with chapati with a spicy chatni.
Get step by step recipe for Arabic Kafta Kababs

4. Kunafa

kunafa recipe step by step

You might heard about this popular Arabic sweet. It is prepared with vermicelli, khoya, rabri, cheese, and butter and now you can imagine how tasty it would be. Let's make it yourself:
Recipe of Kunafa Sweet step by step

5. Basbousa

basbousa cake recipe

Basbousa is my favorite. This is a very special aromatic cake, each piece is topped with almond for enhanced taste. Basbousa is baked in a large cake form, then served as pieces. If you are a cake-lover this is a must-try thing.
Here is step by step Basbosa cake recipe

Recipes from Arabic cuisine cover the large area of gulf countries including Saudia Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and Jordan. Whether they are Arabic desserts or Middle Eastern rice dishes, they are famous throughout the gulf. Most popular Arab foods are from the Middle East where Mandi rice, baklava, hummus and falafel kebab attract people from the world. Whether it is sweet, chicken or kahwa drinks, Arabian recipes are the best

Top 5 Arabic Sweet, Snacks and Rice Recipes

KFoods.com offer the top 5 premier dishes from the Arab world. These recipes have been presented in steps with pictures so now making any of these 5 is not a problem for you.

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5 Delicious Recipes from the Arab World is a traditional way to make it for the top 5 Delicious Recipes from the Arab.It is mostly served with partys.It is a popular way to serve it creative its a quick recipe as well which is made by a variety of ways this recipe and everyone enjoyed it.

  • Fatima, Karachi
  • Nov 22, 2018

I had a dinner party with some friends where I ate Arabic Mandi and Kunafa, they are must-try recipes, I found these recipes here and looking forward to making them as well. I really really enjoyed the Arabic cuisine.

  • seher, rahimyaar khan
  • Sep 17, 2018

Hi how can i get these recipes in english and i want tarit recipe also pls.☺️

  • Sahida Kazi, Dubai
  • Jun 25, 2016

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