5 Most Famous Karahi Recipes

1. White Karahi

White karahi features a different taste than other karahi recipes. It uses different spices which reflect in its different color, gravy appearance as well as taste. It is easy and delicious.
See how to make white karahi recipe.

2. Koyla Karahi

Koyal karahi is one of the most scrumptious you would ever eat. It's pleasant coal aroma would keep alluring you throughout the meal.
Easiest recipe for koyla karahi

3. Chicken Tikka Karahi

Chicken tikka in karahi?
Yes, that's the specialty of this special karahi dish. Experience spicy tikka submerged in karahi and enjoy with hot naan.
Get step by step recipe for making a delicious chicken tikka karahi

4. Reshmi Kabab Karahi

After enjoying reshmi kababs, you should go ahead and enjoy a wondrous karahi meal that uses reshmi kebabs. Have a new fun this time..
Get recipe for a spicy reshmi kabab karahi

5. Dhaka Karahi

Dhaka karahi, a very tasty karahi from Bengali cuisine, offers you the unforgettable taste; enjoy this at home with step by step recipe offered by KFoods.com
Find special dhaka karahi recipe

Fed up of eating same karahi again and again?

So here are the top 5 famous karahi recipes of all time compiled by KFoods.com.

Karahi is undoubtedly a top food item in Pakistan and especially it is counted in Karachi special dishes as well. In almost every town in Karachi, you would find famous chicken karahi restaurants in every town. Shinwari, highway, De Silva, Sohrab Goth and Afridi are the top food places that feature karahis with unbelievably delicious taste.
If you frequently dine out, let's save your visit!
Find step by step recipes for top 5 karahi of Pakistan and enjoy them with your family.

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5 Most Famous Karahi Recipes its a different taste than other karahi recipes.It uses different spices which reflect in its different color,gravy appearance as well as It is easy to make it and was delicious taste at all with the good teste everyone loved it.

  • Tania, Karachi
  • Nov 15, 2018

my husband loves karahi and he always wants a different taste. i tried these karahis and they turned out to be scrumptious. they all are different from each other and very much tasty.

  • ,
  • Sep 17, 2018

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