5 Ways to Treat Cold Feet in Winter

Cold feet is a common problem in winter season.

Do you know What makes your feet cold?

It is less oxygen and improper blood circulation. You can treat cold feet by improving blood supply.

But how? That's the agenda of today's article.

In winters, it is usual to get cold hands or feet as due to the climate change, some of our body parts could not get proper blood as well as oxygen. Sometimes, this problem is caused by other factors like smoking or nutritional deficiencies as well.

We will discuss here 5 ways to cure cold feet in winter.

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Remedy 1:

Drinking Green Tea

green tea for numb feet

Green tea improves blood circulation in throughout the body. It is very effective remedy for cold feet. It's healthy ingredients also help keep body warm and fit.

Usage Tip:

Drink 3 cups of green tea everyday. Nowadays, there are dozens of green tea available in market, however you can also make it at home.
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Remedy 2:

Ginger Drink

ginger for cold foot

Ginger helps improve blood supply in the body. It contains several compounds which are excellent to keep body warm as well as to treat cold painful feet.

Usage Tip:

Boil 1 tbsp sliced ginger and boil in 2 cups of water. Pour sifted into a cup, add some honey and drink thrice everyday.

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Remedy 3:

Increase Body Iron

apples for iron

Iron deficiency in body also causes cold feet problem. To counter iron deficiency, you should eat iron rich foods. Include apples, spinach, read meat, almonds and dates in your diet. Consider consulting a doctor for suggestion on iron deficiency and supplements. Also discuss iron dosage with your doctor as unnecessary amount of iron can be harmful.
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Remedy 4:

Massage with Warm Oil

warm oil massage for cold feet

Giving your feet a warm oil massage is a perfect way to treat cold feet problem. It improves blood flow, makes you feel good and active. Massaging feet is also helpful to keep feet healthy.

Usage Tip:

You can use either olive or sesame oil for this. Coconut oil can also be used, however olive oil is best. Warm it for a while and do a gentle foot massage. Wear socks after massage. Keep doing this before going to sleep.
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Remedy 5:

Foot Exercise

cold feet exercise

Do foot exercises. It is also a healthy activity to cure cold feet problem. It stimulates blood flow and therefore keep them warm. Feet exercises are also good for blood vessels.

How to:

  • Stand up on your toes for 60 seconds and then come down on heels slowly. Do this exercise for 8 to 10 minutes everyday in the morning.
  • Walk on your heels and toes alternatively.
  • Pick some object or a cloth from floor using your toes. Do this exercise for 10 minutes everyday.

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