5 Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Recipes with Chicken

1. Dry Chicken Chilli Recipe

dry chicken chilli recipe

Enjoying chicken this way is less known by women in Pakistan. You know you can eat chicken with chillies and capsicum which brings you a nice taste of meat along the joys of your favorite bell pepper.Find the recipe:
dry chicken chilli recipe

2. Chicken Vegetable Pasta

vegetable pasta recipe in urdu

Chicken pasta is favorite of mine and favorite of all. It uses a mix of vegetables including bell peppers, so this side dish or snack can be a nice pick from capsicum recipes
chicken vegetable pasta step by step recipe.

3. Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

chicken chow mein recipe in urdu

Seeing the picture of chicken chow mein, you would immediately decide to have it some day. This is the most delicious food you can make using capsicum pepper. Chow mein features noodles, chicken pieces and vegetables with capsicum included. Try not to miss it.
Chicken chow mein recipe or view it step by step.

4. Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe

chicken tikka pizza recipe

Pizzas are love. It has emerged lately as a favorite fast food of people around the world. While making pizza, you would use capsicum in the topping and then bake it. This way you can enjoy the bell pepper bit differently.
Chicken Pizza or Tikka Pizza Recipe

5. Schezwan Frice Rice

schezwan fried rice recipe

Schezwan rice is a delicious rice dish from Chinese cuisine. It's recipe uses capsicum pepper which makes the dish different and exclusive. If you are serious to eat bell pepper with a nice food, schezwan rice is the best deal.
Here is schezwan fried rice recipe (step by step).

If you were looking specifically for "What can I make with chicken and bell peppers"?
KFoods.com is sharing 5 scrumptious recipes of capsicum and chicken with tasteful spices from Pakistani cuisines. You would surely enjoy most of the recipes provided here.

Bell Pepper also known as capsicum is although kind of peppers however it is not bitter or pungent. It has a pleasant aroma which can be felt while eating a meal made with capsicum. Cooked chunks of capsicum give an unbeatable eating pleasure.

Here are the top 5 recipes using chicken and peppers (capsicum).

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  • Mehwish - karachi Nov 16, 2018

    5 Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Recipes anyway this pepper dish with green and red bell peppers comes together in minutes and is quite flavorsome.Everyone who knows me,knows that I love bell peppers is also great because you can easily make it spicy or mild It is the delicious dish AND everyone like it.

  • salman - peshawar Sep 17, 2018

    I love the flavors and colors of bell peppers. it contains potassium and copper manganese which is very beneficial for us. I loved all the recipes, all of them are yummy and unique. i love them in every form whether it's raw or its cooked.

  • Shahnaz - lahore Sep 07, 2018

    Bell pepper recipes are looking simply divine! We never use bell peppers in our house for any kind of recipe but this time I will try these recipes as they look absolutely delicious!

  • Farhan Saeed - islamabad Jul 02, 2018

    These are so many amazing step by step recipes and I can’t wait to try them all. I have tried some of them are they are just simply delicious! I licked my fingers!

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