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Beef Crispy Baked Pasta Beef Crispy Baked Pasta

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

ٹوساس چکن پاستا Two Sauce Chicken Pasta

ٹوساس چکن پاستا Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

بیف پاستا سوپ Beef Pasta Soup

بیف پاستا سوپ Chef:Chef Shai

فش ود پینی پاستہ Fish With Penne Pasta

فش ود پینی پاستہ

چکن پاستا بلوگینیز Chicken Pasta Bolognese

چکن پاستا بلوگینیز Chef:Chef Tahira Mateen

بیکڈ پاستہ لزانیہ Baked Pasta Lasagna

بیکڈ پاستہ لزانیہ

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Chicken Pasta
sohail khan - hyderabad Feb 22, 2018
wow, chicken pasta is my favorite pasta in all seasons but I didn’t know the way to make it before as I always take it from the hotels. But now and onward I am able to make it my home by myself.thanks for sharing>...
Chicken Pasta
Rida - Bahawalpur Aug 29, 2017
Now my mom is telling that we will cook different recipes other than meat. Now we will not cook meat until bakra eid because then we would have a long spell of eating meat recipes. :) I recommend my mom for making chicken pasta.
Chicken Pasta
Jawairia - Raiwind Jul 08, 2017
after trying chicken pasta from your page my interest in cooking increased a lot as everybody loved my dish and they asked me to try some more dishes. So from that day I am actually the kitchen cooking queen. offers an extensive range of pasta recipes. Find chicken pasta, cold pasta salad, smoked chicken pasta salad, mexican pasta and beef pasta soup. It can be served at iftar, eid and other occasions. Enjoy the pasta recipe collection at

Pasta is an Italan staple food. It is one of the traditional Italian food. Pasta also refers to different kinds of pasta dishes. Pasta is generally a noodle made with unleavened dough mixed with water and then formed into thin strips or other shapes. Pasta can also be made with grain cereals and eggs. There are two main types of pasta: dried pasta (pasta secca) and fresh pasta (pasta fresca).


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