Pizza Point Karachi Menu 2024 - Latest Deals with Prices

Find Pizza Point Karachi menu with their freshest offerings at Pizza Point Karachi, including the May 2024 menu, discount deals, and updated prices. Renowned as one of Karachi's premier dining destinations, Pizza Point Karachi invites you to indulge in delectable dishes amidst the warmth of friends and family. Uncover essential details about Pizza Point Karachi, from its convenient location and contact information to seamless delivery, dine-in, and takeout options. Dive into customer reviews and inquire about any available credit card discounts to enhance your dining experience.

Pizza Point Karachi Location & Contact Info

Address Below, you'll find a list of all Pizza Point branches in, Karachi, Pakistan
Contact No (021) 111 776 468
FB/Insta Page

Pizza Point Karachi Latest Deals - Karachi

Pizza Point Menu with Price List

Pizza Point Main Course:

  • Chicken Pasta (Rs. 599)
  • Alfredo Pasta (Rs. 699)
  • Chicken Lasagna (Rs. 599)
  • Beef Spaghetti (Rs. 599)
  • Chicken Sandwich (Rs. 499)
  • Roasted Beef Sandwich (Rs. 599)
  • Mexican Sandwich (Rs. 599)
  • Appetizer:
    Appetizer Box (Rs. 799)
  • Pizza Fries (Rs. 499)
  • Chicken Wings (Rs. 399)
  • Point Platter (Rs. 799)
  • Tacos From (Rs. 299)
  • Garlic Mushroom (Rs. 499)
  • Chicken Nuggets (Rs. 249)
  • Plain Garlic Bread (Rs. 199)
  • Potato Bites (Rs. 249)
  • Salad (Rs. 599)
  • Sauce:
    Spicy Dip Sauce (Rs. 60)
  • Garlic Mayo (Rs. 60)
  • Thousand Sauce (Rs. 60)
  • Pizza Sauce (Rs. 60)
  • Green Sauce (Rs. 60)
  • French Dressing (Rs. 60)
  • Pizza small, Medium, Large Prices
    Spicy Italian (Rs. 399), (Rs.799), (Rs.1299)
  • Italian Light From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Shawarma Lovers From Rs. Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Chicken Max From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Arabian Green From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Malai Tikka From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Cheese Lover From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • B.B.Q Tikka From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Chapli Kabab From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Mughlai Pizza From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Fajita Sensation From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Chicken Fajita From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Afghani Feast From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Bihari Tikka From Rs. 275, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Jamaican Pizza From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Super Max From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Kabab Chaska From Rs. 799
  • Beefy Sensation From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Beefy Sicilian From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Veggi Lover From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Cheese N’ Pepperoni From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299
  • Beef Max From Rs. 399, Rs.799, Rs.1299

Pizza Point Karachi News

Pizza Point Karachi Latest News & Upcoming News:

Pizza Point Karachi partners with Food panda for delivery: Customers can now order Pizza Point food from the Foodpanda app and have it delivered to their door.

Pizza Point Karachi launches new "Midnight Deals" promotion: The Midnight Deals promotion offers customers a variety of pizza and sides at a discounted price from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

Pizza Point Karachi launches new "Family Fiesta" package: The Family Fiesta package is a new package from Pizza Point Karachi that includes two large pizzas, two sides, and two drinks. It is perfect for families or groups of friends.

Pizza Point Karachi to launch new pizza flavors: Pizza Point Karachi is planning to launch new pizza flavors in the next few months. The new flavors will be inspired by Pakistani cuisine and seasonal ingredients.

Pizza Point Karachi to open new stores: Pizza Point Karachi is planning to open new stores in the next few months. The new stores will be located in areas that are not currently served by Pizza Point Karachi.

Pizza Point Karachi to launch new app: Pizza Point Karachi is planning to launch a new app in the next few months. The new app will have a number of new features, such as the ability to order food and drinks ahead of time and to track orders in real time.

Special Dishes & Menus

Chicken Tikka Pizza
chicken chili Pizza
Chicken Golden Delight
Chicken Tandoori and many other pizzas and beverages.

Resturent Facilities

FacilitiesCredit Cards
FacilitiesValet Parking
FacilitiesDisabled Access
FacilitiesAir Condition
FacilitiesTake Away
FacilitiesHome Delivery
Pizza Point Karachi in Karachi
Pizza Point Karachi Gulshan-e-iqbal
A-291, Block-2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal , Pakistan 92-21-34965692, 34965693
Pizza Point North Nazimabad
Block H, Food Street, North Nazimabad, Pakistan 0345-2170003, 0346-2170003, 021-36676229, 021-36676231
Pizza Point Khadda Market
Khadda Market, Phase V, DHA, Pakistan 0322-2700014, 0322-2900015, 0322-2900016, 021-35248718

About Pizza Point Karachi

Pizza Point Karachi Iftar Deals 2024

Pizza Point Karachi Iftar deals for 2024 are generating excitement as Ramadan is just around the corner. Located at Below, you'll find a list of all Pizza Point branches in, Karachi, Pakistan, Pizza Point Karachi is gearing up to ensure your Iftar is unforgettable. Their diverse menu, curated by passionate chefs, promises a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes. Stay tuned for exclusive Iftar and Sehri deals designed to cater to every palate. Whether it's a family feast or an intimate gathering, Pizza Point Karachi has something special for everyone. For more details or reservations, you can contact them directly at (021) 111 776 468. Let the spirit of Ramadan be enriched with Pizza Point Karachi's culinary delights.

Pizza Point Karachi Sehri Deals 2024

Pizza Point Karachi's Sehri deals for 2024 are bringing the best taste to your plate. Pizza Point Karachi promises a delightful mix of traditional and modern dishes crafted by their skilled chefs. Stay tuned for exclusive Pizza Point Karachi Sehri deals suitable for all tastes and group sizes. Whether it's a big family gathering or a cozy meal with friends, Pizza Point Karachi has you covered. For more information or reservations, you can contact them at (021) 111 776 468. Get ready to enjoy a hassle-free and delicious Iftar experience with Pizza Point Karachi!

Pizza Point Karachi is one of the best eating out place especially for pizza. Pizza Point offers the quality clean, fresh and hygienic Pizza with special topping. It has various high range of Pizzas infect it is a best eating out place for families, friends…etc. Check pizza point deals, menu, number So let’s come and enjoy the real taste of Pizza at Pizza point with some exclusive deals and offers. Find which pizza point near me.

Pizza Point Number:

Finding the pizza point number has never been easier! When you're in the mood for a delicious slice or a whole pie, our pizza point number is the quickest way to satisfy your cravings. At Pizza Point, our reputation for exceptional taste and quality is well-known. So, just dial our pizza point number, and experience the convenience and flavor that has made us a trusted choice for pizza enthusiasts everywhere.

Pizza Point Deals:

Pizza Point, a beloved pizza chain, consistently pampers its patrons with a range of enticing pizza point deals. Among the favorites are the Midnight Deals, where you can relish discounted pizzas and sides from midnight till 4 AM. Families can savor delightful combinations through the Family Deals, all at a reduced price. Keep an eye out for the 'Buy One, Get One Free' deals that frequently grace the menu, granting you extra goodness. What's more, Pizza Point often sweetens the deal with free delivery for orders exceeding a certain value.

In addition to these pizza point deals, Pizza Point spoils its loyal customers with enticing rewards through loyalty programs. By participating, you earn redeemable points for each dollar spent. These points unlock complimentary pizzas, sides, and drinks. For a real-time scoop on the latest Pizza Point deals and promotions, a visit to their website or social media is a must. And for the savvy savers out there, signing up for their email list, tracking social media updates, and regularly checking the website are all excellent strategies. Don't forget to inquire at your local Pizza Point restaurant about ongoing deals and promotions, ensuring you never miss out on the delectable discounts.

Customer Reviews - Pizza Point Karachi

Pizza Point serves great food,, there feel is good and without a doubt their services is outstanding . The nature of food was Yummilicious when I ate there.... I at least one tome eaten chicken Fajita Pizza in a month

  • Sumayya

Pizza point has very good midnight deals and I always order from here whenever I am hungry in the middle of the night,

  • shayan moria

Pizza quality is too good but delivery time is so so.. not satisfied with the delivery time. you should do better your management it anyway thanks for the great deals for every event.

  • maria

Lanti taste..... you need to add more material as compared to your price. No chicken, no cheese and no salt as all......

  • Uzbia naeem

ordered 2 large and 2 reg pizza. The regular ones were to be flavoured malai boti but The one i got was something super green looked more like arabian pizza. the crust was hard and so was the cheese. please keep the quality intact. your oldest customers feel reluctance in choosing you again. writing a review only because I got a call for feedback. Thanks.

  • Nimra

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