Chapli Kabab

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• Salt to taste
• Onion for garnish
• Lemon 1 to 2 pieces
• Crushed Red Chilli 1 teaspoon
• Green Chillies 6 to 7 pieces
• Green Coriander ½ bundle (gaddi)
• Lettuce for garnish
• Green Coriander Seed 1 teaspoon
• Minced Meat (Qeema) 1kg
• Dried Pomegranate Seed 1 teaspoon
• Spices Powder 1 teaspoon
• Sliced tomatoes 1 piece
• Talhaar Mirch 5 to 6 pieces
• Sliced Green Chilli 2-3 pieces
• Raw Suger as per requirement
• Cumin Seeds 2 teaspoon
• Ghee for frying
• water as per requirement
How to make Chapli Kabab


* Put minced meat, Green Chilli (Huree Mirch), Green Coriander (Hara Dhuniya), Dried Pomegranate Seed (Anaar Dana), Spices Powder (Garam Masala), Crushed Red Chilli (Kutte Laal Mirch), Salt, Roasted Cummin Seed (Zeera) and Roasted Green Coriander in blender and blend.
* Now put this mixture in a mixing bowl.
* Add sliced tomatoes to it, and after mixing it with hands, store in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
* Now heat GHEE in a pan.
* Then make kababs of the minced meat (Qeema).
* Now fry these kababs, after placing tomato slices and lemon slices on them.
* In the end, place the Kababs on Naan, and put Lemon, Salad Leaves, Tomatoes, Green Chilli (Haree Mirch) and Onion on it and serve with Chutnee.
* To prepare Chutnee, boil Talhaar Mirch in water and put in blender.
* Now put Crushed Red Chilli (Kutte Laal Mirch), Green Chilli (Haree Mirch), Lemon juice, Water and Dried Sugar (Gurr) and blend. Chutnee is ready!
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