Falsay Ka Sherbat

Falsay Ka Sharbat recipe or falsa sherbat is a refreshing drink that is quite popular in Pakistan for its supercooling properties, combined with other useful health advantages. Falsay ka sharbat recipe is a part of the many superfoods that not only quenches your thirst but falsay ka juice benefits are countless medicinal advantages such as falsa is loaded with Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus and fiber which is good for relieving inflammation in and on the body, nausea, and fever. Falsay ka sharbat recipe also purifies blood while regulating blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Falsay ka sherbat is very popular during the summer season in Pakistan as it is used to beat the heat and honestly, what’s better than a sweet and cool drink to quench your thirst in the healthiest way?

Falsay ka Sharbat recipe is one of the topmost refreshing coolants during the summer season. Moreover, to make Falsay ka sharbat recipe even healthier foodies can add organic brown sugar/white sugar or jaggery (imli) to it. A drop of rose water also helps it retain its freshness for longer periods of time. If you want to preserve the recipe further, cook falsay with sugar and water until it cooks into a thick syrup, which you can later use whenever as a drink by only adding cool water.

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• Grewia Asiatica (falsay) 1 kg
• Ice as required
• Black pepper according to taste
• Sugar according to taste
• For Sugar Syrup:
• Water 1 cup
• Sugar 1 cup
Preparation Time: 15miutes, Serve 3-4 glass
How to make Falsay Ka Sherbat


1. Soak Grewia Asiatica in sufficient water for 8 hours.
2. Grind the fruit and then strain out the juice.
3. Make sugar syrup by adding sugar in water.
4. Cook the sugar syrup mixture till sugar dissolves and starts to simmer.
5. Add grewia juice and sugar syrup in blender.
6. Then add ice, black pepper and sugar.
7. Blend them all well.
8. The drink is ready to be served.
Posted By: mariam Jahan, karachi

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With the intense heat engulfing Karachi and some areas of Pakistan, my family and I tried to make the falsay ka sherbat recipe at home. Honestly, it keeps my body refreshed for a hours and I’ve felt a lot healthier ever seen I started drinking falsay ka sherbat routinely.

  • iman memon, karachi

Hi, I was the one who made Falsay Ka Sherbat recipe first time in our family. And then all my cousins were after me asking about the recipe. haha, I then taught them this one and also other Drink Recipes.

  • Mehrak, Lahore

falsa sharbat is a very nice drink. I seriously wait for summers to enjoy this delicious sharbat. It is so simple to make it and its taste has no match. one thing i am annoyed of is the seeds of falsa that are coming in mouth and are breaking the tempo of drinking this delicious sharbat. I need to know if there is any trick which can remove seeds from sharbat to avoid the annoyance they create in every sip. Sharbat is not doubt awesome.

  • Bazaib, Karachi