Dahi Ki Chatni Recipe in Urdu

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Dahi Ki Chatni
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دہی کی چٹنی
دہی------------- 1پاﺅ
پودینہ---------------- 1/2گھٹی
ہرا دھنیا------------------ 1/2گھٹی
ہری مرچ--------------------- 2عدد
لہسن----------------- 1عدد
نمک--------------- حسبِ ذائقہ
بھنا زیرہ------------------------- 1چائے کا چمچہ
تمام اشیاءکو بلینڈ کرلیں۔پھر باؤل میں ڈال کر پیش کریں۔
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Find out the Dahi Ki Chatni Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Chutney Recipes. Dahi Ki Chatni is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Dahi Ki Chatni and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Dahi Ki Chatni

Dahi ki chutney Recipe is a simple but classic recipe that includes strained yogurt which is then mixed with a puree of mint and onions. Not only is Dahi ki chutney quite healthy but also very delicious to go with spicy snacks. Dahi ki chutney recipe in Urdu is a popular sauce in south India for a long time but since then has spread to the Indian subcontinent for Dahi ki chutney recipe great flavor. Dahi ki chutney is best served with Hyderabadi biryani and spicy Pakistani recipes such as chicken tikka, stuffed mirch pakora, chicken malai tikka, and spicy chicken hotshots.
What’s more amazing about Dahi ki chutney recipe is that Dahi chutney for samosa only needs less than a handful of ingredients that is easily available in every household. These include yogurt, onions, mint leaves, coriander leaves and salt to taste. These ingredients are mixed together and served in a small bowl as a side dish. The mixture of Dahi ki chutney is the main reason for its tangy and minty flavor. Dahi ki chutney recipe also has an advantage when it comes to spicy meals; Dahi ki chutney helps to bring the spice level down and lower the temperature of meals like biryani and tandoor tikka. Moreover, Dahi ki chutney combination with coriander leaves adds a strong and unique flavor to any main dish, enhancing the whole experience of eating.

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my elder sister made Dahi Ki Chutney and store it for entire month of ramazan. We for the most part eat this chatni with samosa.

  • Tasneem khawar,

Dahi ki chatni is a delight that never goes wrong with any recipe. I am very fond of it. I tried to make it on my own but it never came out right and I always had to ask my mom to make it for me. Last night I was alone so I tried to follow this recipe and luckily, it worked so well!

  • Rehana, Faisalabad

This dahi ki chatni is so nice to eat that with the lots of dishes that having here with the whole easy recipe with the every step by step

  • kashaf, lahore

dhai ki chatni maray dada jan ko bht pasand ha or wo hamesha mjsy khty hn ky dhai chattni bnao phr ma kfoods page kholti hhn or wahn sy help lti hn thanks kfoods...

  • aqsa abid , hyderabad

My favorite foods are chutney recipes and i was very happy when i made Dahi Ki Chatni because it was really scrumptious. My mum told me to prepare for cooking because I am going to marry soon and I follow chef recipes always.

  • Faryal, Hyderabad