Beef Lazania Recipe in Urdu

Beef Lazania
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Beef Lazania vidhi

Qeema …..300 garam
Lazania ….1 packet
Oregano …… Adha chay ka chamch
Rose merry …..Adha chay ka chamach
Tomato pori …. 3 khany k chamcy
Lehson …. 3 – 4 joy
Tamatar ….. 1 adad
Shumla mirch ….1 adad
Hara pyaz ….. 1 adad (paty kat lain)
Parsley ….. hasb.e.zarorat
Wooster souse….3 khany k chamchy
Kali mirch …. Adha chay ka chamch
Sufair mirch …. ¼ chay ka chamch
Nemak …..Hasb.e.zaiqa
Oil ….1/4 cup

Banane ki tarkeeb

Aik pain main tail dalain r lehson ko chop kr k bhon lain , phr is main qeema shamil kr dain . is main adhi chay ki chamch rose merry aur oregano dal kr qeema ko itna bhonain k qeeam dry ho jay . ab us main tomato pori , bareek kata hui tamatar , shumla mirch , hara payz aur parsely shamil kr dain , us k baad tamam masaly aur souse dal kr 4 se 5 mint pakain . is main adha packet lazania ubal lain aik Owen proof sheet dish main lazania sheet rakh kr us per qeema phailain .
Ab white souse thora dal kr aik the banain , is amal ko dobarah dohrain aur akhiri the cheeder cheese ko tor kr dalain , aur 10 se 15 mints k liay Owen mian rakh dain Owen ka darja hararat 180 hona chahiye…

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بیف لزانیا

Beef Lazania Recipe in Urdu

Posted By: Asmat, Karachi

Find out the Beef Lazania Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Beef & Mutton. Beef Lazania is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Beef Lazania and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Beef Lazania

Beef Lazania is a kind of wide, level pasta, conceivably probably the most established sort of pasta. Lasagne, or the particular lasagna, normally alludes to an Italian food dish made with stacked layers of this level ... one that is known about everywhere throughout the world because of its irresistible ubiquity. It's warm and ameliorating with an exquisite rich sauce, cheddar, and still somewhat firm layers of noodles. Kfoods offers Beef Lazania recipe in a very easy way.

Beef Lazania Recipe is perfect for fiery nourishment sweethearts. It utilizes beef mince with lasagna, along with parsley, tomato puree, rosemary, and oregano. Discover the recipe of lasagna in Urdu by KFoods here and appreciate the magnificence of meat. always presents simple recipes for your preferred Pakistani food. Today I introduced Beef Lazania recipe in Urdu with English interpretation with basic directions. This Lasagna recipe would fill your heart with joy surely. It is genuinely a fabulous recipe and its smell makes it overpowering. This Beef Lazania recipe is served at any eatery all over Pakistan. You can even set it up at home for your children or guest.

Find the Beef Lazania Recipe in Urdu this is the most simple and conventional cooking recipe in all the Beef and Mutton. Meat Lazania is exceptionally celebrated in desi individuals. At KFoods you can find Beef Lazania and all the Urdu recipes in a very easy way.

مزید بیف اور مٹن ریسیپیز

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please give more Beef & Mutton Recipes because I like your Beef Lazania and not only me but my mom and dad also liked it's taste and they asked me how to cook it. I told about this recipe.

Feb 15, 2017 Fadhila Sukkur

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