Almond Cookie

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1.Self raising flour: 250 grams= 1½ cup
2.Butter: 125 grams= a little more than ½ cup but a little less than ¾ cup
3.Sugar:90 grams = ½ cup
4.Egg: 1 big size
5.flaked Almonds: ½ cup
6.vanilla Sugar 1 Teaspoon OR 1-2 drops of vanilla Essence

How to make Almond Cookie


1.Melt butter in microwave for 30-40 sec, don't heat it too much.

2.Add sugar,vanilla sugar, egg, flaked almonds and melted butter to self raising flour and mix in dough machine or by hand. Make sure that butter is not too hot otherwise flour will lose its starch.

3.Put the mixed dough on a grease-proof paper and spread another grease-proof paper on its top and now roll with a rolling pin or spread the dough by pressing with hands. grease-proof paper will avoid sticking of dough with the rolling surface and pin.

4.Take cookie cutter or a cup or a lid of the size you want the cookies to be and cut the cookies out of the rolled dough-

5.Remove the upper grease-proof paper and lift the lower grease-proof paper from one side and lift the cookie-

6.Arrange the cookies on a non greased baking tray, as cookies already have a lot of butter so no need to grease the tray

7.Again make a ball of the remaining dough, roll it and cut cookies like before.

8.Bake at 160 degree for 14-15 min in a fan forced oven

9.They are a soft when they come out of the oven so let the cookies cool down completely so that they get crunchy.

10.When get cooled down a bit put them slantingly resting on each other from one side so that the steam released from below will not make
them soggy

11.This is a very nice,easy and a very practical recipe of almond cookies.

12.When completely cooled down serve with hot tea or coffee.

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