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Achar or pickle recipes are followed in Pakistan and India mainly and also where Pakistanis live in the world.

Achar is a fantastic condiment recipe served with almost all kinds of foods. It improves the taste and splendor of foods like pulao, dal chawal, daal, aloo ki bhujia and murgh cholay. offers a wide range of tasteful achar recipes including lemon achar, mango pickle, gajar ka achar, lasode ka achar, keri, mixed vegetable pickles and many more. Most of the pickle recipes are offered by famous Pakistani chefs like Chef Zakir, Chef Gulzar, Zubaida Tariq, Rida Aftab, Shireen Anwar, Zarnak Sidhwa and Chef Asad Latif.

Achar is served very often on Pakistani and Indian dining tables. It is usually a regular meal item in Pakistan and India. Achar in nature suits to be used with desi foods. In our curries, gravies, lentils and other salan recipes, use of achar adds a perfect value and taste to the meal. Though, there are numerous achar companies in Pakistan, however making achar at home is not only a fun but also a money saving activity. brings to you collection of pickle recipes such as mango achar recipe, veg achar recipe, lemon achar recipe and many others. All these achaars are well-flavored with unique of the tastes and very delicious.

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Procedure of Achar Recipe:

You can pick various vegetables or fruits to make achar such as mango, lemon, carrot or lasooda.

Here are the main processes involved in making achar at home.

  • First main ingredient (vegetable/fruit such as mango) is washed and completely dried. It is important to make it moisture free.
  • Then salt and turmeric powder are mixed with the fruit and kept overnight to marinate it well. After marination you will see fruit has released its inner water.
  • Water is drained. Dry the fruit chunks on an absorbent paper for whole night so the rest of the moisture is completely wiped out.
  • Then coriander seeds are heated in a pan until they release aroma. Then cooled and crushed partially.
  • In another large bowl, fruit chunks, some salt and spices are mixed together well.
  • Mixture will be stored tightly into a glass bottle and kept for nearly a day.
  • Oil is then heated in a pan until boiled. Then covered and cooled at room temperature. As it is cooled, it is added to the mixture.
  • Then it is left for around 3 weeks or until fruit absorbs the spices deeply.

Note: This is a generic process for making achar; to make achar at home, please follow a particular achar recipe from the list given below.

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A is most desi food as bite or in lunch. Gajar Ka A right now with his special key ingredients . That''''s a good recipe for everything. I will make Gajar Ka A to your way.

  • Laiba khan,

Good recipe. You have to be very careful about how you slice your carrots and other veggies versus how long you marinate them in the vinegar mixture.

  • Tazeen, Faisalabad

I made the same Gajar ka achar with his recipe and just added lemon into it. it was delicious and I was really appreciated by everyone.

  • Gul, Toba