Mutton and Beef Price in Karachi Today

Find Today's beef and mutton price in Karachi. Get the most latest, updated, current information on the Beef and Mutton rate today, Our responsibility is to ensuring that you're well-informed before making any purchase. Whether you're inquiring about Beef and Mutton rate today or seeking the current price of Beef and Mutton in Karachi, you can rely on us to provide up-to-date details to assist your decision-making. Stay updated with the 1 kg Beef and Mutton price in Karachi today.

Beef (Bara Gosht) & Mutton (Chota Gosht) Price Today Karachi

Mutton & Beef Price in Karachi Today Price
1 kg Mutton Price in Karachi Today PKR 1,800 - 2000 per kg
1 kg Beef Price in Karachi Today PKR 800 - 1000 per kg

Beef & Mutton Rate Today Karachi By Different Areas

Here are the latest beef and mutton prices in Karachi by different areas.

Karachi Areas Beef (per kg) Mutton (per kg)
Saddar PKR 850 - 1000 Per kg PKR 1,800 - 2200 Per kg
Korangi PKR 950 - 1000 Per kg PKR 1,800 - 2200 Per kg
Gulshan-e-Iqbal PKR 1000 PKR 1,900 - 2200 Per kg
DHA PKR 1000 PKR 2000 - 2200 Per kg
Nazimabad PKR 1000 PKR 1850 - 2200 Per kg
Faisal Colony PKR 1000 PKR 1900 - 2200 Per kg
Liaquatabad PKR 900 PKR 1900 - 2200 Per kg

Mutton & Beef Rate in Karachi:

Beef (bara gosht) is currently priced at Rs. 800 - 1000 per kg in Karachi, while mutton (chota gosht) is available at Rs. 1900 - 2200 per kg. Maintaining a well-balanced household budget requires staying informed about the latest prices. If you reside in Karachi and want to stay updated on today's rates for beef, mutton, chicken, milk, eggs, and more, you've come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide is here to furnish you with all the crucial pricing details, so stay connected with us to stay informed.

FAQs on Mutton & Beef Price in Karachi

There are some faqs related to mutton & beef Price in Karachi which are given below

What is 1 kg beef price in Karachi today?

The current price range for 1 kg of beef in Karachi today falls between PKR 850 and PKR 1000. Please note that the actual price may fluctuate based on factors such as meat quality, the butcher shop's location, and other variables.

What are 1 kg Mutton Price in Karachi Today?

The 1 kg Mutton Price in Karachi Today is approximately between PKR 1800 and PKR 2200. Please be aware that the actual price can differ based on factors like mutton quality and the specific market location.

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beef and mutton price are raised daily

  • Danish, Karachi

May ALLAH Protect us in this situation where every one is focusing on their needs may poor people can afford mutton and beef, I wish the prices are lower so that they will eat it.

  • Faiza, Karachi