Milk Rate Today in Karachi

Find Milk Rate Today in Karachi. We provide the daily updated milk rate price in Karachi. The current milk rate in Karachi is Rs.165 to Rs.280 Per Liter and price of 1 liter or 1(qt.) of full-fat milk in Karachi stands at Rs.180 to RS.197 but after a rise the per-liter cost of milk will be Rs210 per liter. For more updated details related to milk rate in Karachi visit kfoods.

Today Karachi Milk Price

Milk Rate in Karachi Today Price
Milk Price in Karachi Rs.165 to Rs.280 Per Liter

Milk Rate in Karachi

The milk rate in Karachi, like in many urban areas, can fluctuate based on various factors, including supply, demand, and economic conditions. As of today, the specific milk rate may vary depending on the source or location within Karachi. It's advisable for consumers to check with local dairy vendors, supermarkets, or Kfoods for the most up-to-date milk , egg, chicken, beef and mutton rates in their respective areas.

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