Karachi Chicken Rate Today per KG

14 Jun, 2024 - Today 1 KG chicken rate in Karachi is in between Rs 430 - 600 per kg. Welcome to our exclusive page tracking chicken rates today Karachi. Discover the current market trends for 1 kg of chicken meat, (Murghi Ka Gosht) stay informed about daily fluctuations, and make well-informed decisions for your household or business needs. Check back regularly for the latest insights on the chicken price list in Karachi.

Chicken Rate Today in Karachi

Poultry Rate in Karachi Today Price
Chicken Rate in Karachi Today 302 - 438 Rs Per kg
Egg Rate in Karachi Today 254 Rs Per 12 eggs

Karachi Chicken Rate:

Chicken Variety Chicken Quantity Chicken Rates
Chicken Price 1 Kg Rs.550 - Rs.750
Boneless Chicken Price (بونلیس چکن) 1 Kg Rs.1000
Live Chicken Price (زندہ چکن) 1 Kg Rs. 420 per kg
Chicken Liver Price (چکن لیور) 1 Kg Rs. 200 to Rs. 550
Skinless Chicken Price (جلد کے بغیر چکن) 1 Kg Rs. 544 - Rs. 749
Retail Market Chicken Price 1 Kg Rs. 663 per kg
Desi Chicken Price 1 Kg Rs.1200

Chicken Price Today Karachi:

When it comes to managing your household expenses, staying informed about the latest prices is crucial. If you're a Karachi resident and want to keep track of the current chicken price, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive detail, we'll provide you with all the essential information you need about today's prices like chicken , Mutton and Beef Price , Egg price,Milk Price and more in Karachi, so stay connected with us.

1 Kg Chicken Price in Karachi Today

As of today, the price of 1 kg of chicken meat in Karachi City ranges from a minimum of Rs. 302 to a maximum of Rs. 438. These prices were last updated in May 2024 and are determined by the Karachi City Market Committee. You can also find the price trends for the past 15 days on this page.

FAQs for Chicken Rate in Karachi

Some mostly asked faqs related to Chicken Rate in Karachi are given below:

How much does broiler chicken cost in Sindh?

The price of broiler chicken cost in Sindh is mention below:

Live broiler chicken Farm or زندہ مرغی فارم ریٹ rate: Rs. 353 - 380 per kg

Live broiler chicken Wholesale or زندہ مرغی ہولسیل ریٹ rate: Rs. 361 - 392 per kg

Live broiler chicken Retail or زندہ مرغی رٹیل ریٹ rate: Rs. 368 - 400 per kg

Broiler chicken meat: Retail or مرغی کا گوشت رٹیل ریٹ rate: Rs. 570 - 620 per kg

What are the price of boneless chicken in Karachi?

The price of boneless chicken rate today karachi is Rs.1100 per kilogram in Karachi. It's important to note that these rates may differ based on the specific area and the retailer. For instance, you can anticipate a higher cost for boneless chicken in areas like Saddar compared to the prices in Orangi Town.

What are the chicken wholesale rate in Karachi today ?

The current wholesale rate of chicken in Karachi stands at Rs. 405 per kilogram, as reported by the Commissioner Karachi's price list. Please keep in mind that these prices can vary based on the specific area and the retailer. Here is a breakdown of the wholesale rates for various chicken parts in Karachi today:

Live chicken: Rs.350 - Rs.710 per kg

Chicken breast: Rs. 522 per kg

Chicken thigh: Rs. 480 per kg

Chicken drumstick: Rs. 460 per kg

Chicken wing: Rs. 400 per kg

Chicken liver: 722 per kg

Chicken heart: Rs. 180 per kg

These rates offer insights into the current pricing for different chicken cuts, giving consumers a better understanding of the market rates for various chicken products in Karachi.

What is the live or Zinda Chicken Rate in karachi today?

The average live or Zinda Chicken Rate in karachi today is Rs. 350 - 408 per kg, but these rates may vary from brand to brand or by different areas of Karachi.

What is the current price of 1 kg of country chicken in Pakistan today?

The cost of 1 kg of country chicken is Rs. 1000 - Rs 1300.

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Hydri market North nazimabad block G mei 12 April 2024 Friday time 5:21 pm aj ka chicken meat rate 850 per kilo hai aur zinda ka 663

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Bohat bohat shukeryia chicken kay new rate batany ka thanks

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I've been living in Karachi for quite some time now, and one thing that has always been on my radar is the fluctuating rates of chicken in the city.

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The cost of chicken in Karachi has seen variations, influencing consumers and the local poultry sector.

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I'm a resident of Karachi, and I'm disheartened by the recent surge in chicken prices. Chicken holds a significant place as a staple food in our city,

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