Pulao masala Meaning in English

Pulao Masala is a spice blend used throughout India and the rest of the Indian Subcontinent as a flavorant while preparing pulao( a rice preparation). This special blend of spice is used in a small quantity at the end of cooking or fried in the beginning of cooking to add a subtle flavor to the cooked rice dish. Please note, pulao masala must be added in small quantities, or else it will overpower the dish. Many different kind of Pulao masala is found depending on the region and the personal taste. Some common ingredients are black & white peppercorns, cloves, black cumin (known as shahi jeera), cumin seeds, cinnamon; black, brown, & green cardamom and coriander seeds. It is used alone or with other seasonings. Pulav Masala that is added to biryani or pulav make it highly delicious. Available in customised qualities as well as packing, the Pulao Masala helps to recreate the flavours of whole spices in a pulao without taking the trouble to roast and ground them individually.


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