Peanuts (Mong Phali)

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Peanut is grown-up in more than 40 countries but its primary producers are China, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mayanmar (old Burma), India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan & Pakistan. In Pakistan it is cultivated mainly in barani areas of Punjab and also in irrigated areas of the NWFP and Sindh. In sindh Thatta, Badin and Hyderabad could further be explored for peanut cultivation. Currently Pakistan is the seventh (7th) producer of peanuts in the world. It is used in preparing vegetable recipes, sweet dish recipes and with chocolate recipes. Roasted peanuts are also sold in small packets in bakery & other shops and are also used in ‘nimko’ mix. It has a great demand among Pakistan especially in winter season. It also serves with other dry fruits to guest at tea time.

Peanuts (Mong Phali)

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