Sugar (Shakkar)

Meaning In English

Sugar is one the most essential component specially for all sweet dishes and many others as well like in beverages (Pepsi,sprite, Milk shake, tea, coffee..etc). Sugarcane is the main source for getting sugar it is also consider as superior ingredients for cooking foods and not only using in kitchen but it is also use as a important elements for manufacturing a number of medicine as well. A blend of sugar and water can be used to make many stuff including fruit salads, caramel and praline, Treacle tart, macaroons, toffee apples, fudge, sugar candy and many others. It is a type of carbohydrate that made by plants known as sugar cane. It is a class of edible crystalline substances together with sucrose, lactose, and fructose. It is also arrives from the sorghum plant, maple tree and certain palms such as wild date palms. It has those characteristics that are necessary to the arrangement, texture, and looks of many recipes, especially baked goods.

Sugar (Shakkar)

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