Mustard powder (Rai)

Powdered mustard is a combination of brown and white seeds mixed with turmeric or saffron for added flavor and color. Powdered Mustard has no aroma when dry, but a hot flavor is released when it is mixed with water. Before using, mix Mustard Powder with water to form a paste. It takes about 10 minutes for the mustard flavor to develop. Unlike other pungent spices, Mustard's flavor does not build or persist.

1 Tbsp (6.3 g) Mustard powder

Calories Fat Cholesterol Protein
32 2.3 g 0 mg 1.6 g

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Good and informative posts here i found at KFoods, is there any health or beauty benefits of Rai so please share with us... Recipes i will try in coming days at home. Thanks KFoods for providing such an easy recipes with the benefits of ingredients

  • Ayma Mughal, Lahore
  • Apr 29, 2015