Asparagus (Mar chop)

Meaning In English

Asparagus Also Known as Shatwar, Shatwari, Soot mooli.Asparagus is an elegant vegetable with unique flavour an erect stalk and small, scale-like leaves along the stalk, capped by a ruffle of small leaves; a young stalk is tender with a slightly pungent, bitter flavour,

16 Gram Asparagus

Calories Fat Cholesterol Protein
3 0 g 0 mg 0.4 g

Asparagus (Mar chop)

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I am 66 yrs old with diabetic and ckd (4) patient and read somewhere that fresh asparagus is good for kidney patient. I shall be grateful if najma khalid can provide me the recipe for asparagus soup and an other cooking recipes for asparagus if any. Thanx

Sep 17, 2016 Muhammad iftikhar khan Lahore