Baby onions Meaning in English

Baby onions Also known as Pearl Onions, Button Onions.They are actually immature onions of different varieties and range in sizes of around a little less or more than 1 inch diameter. They are planted densely so that they cannot grow to be more than that size. They can be yellow, red or white skinned but are all mildly flavoured. The inner flesh is whitish in all baby onions and is used in a range of recipes around the world. It can be quite tricky to peel baby onions. An easy way to do so is to place the baby onions in boiling water for 2 minutes and then drain them. Transfer to cold water. Now cut off the roots of the cooled baby onions and pinch/ press lightly. The skin will come off easily.

 Onions (100 gr): 38 Calories


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