Stop Hair Fall Urdu Tips

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Stop Hair Fall Urdu Tips
Posted By: Sundus Hayat 40482 Views 15 Comments Oct 26, 2017

اگر بال گرتے ہوں تو 50 گرام آملہ خشک کو 100 گرام لیموں کے رس میں پیس کر رکھیں۔ روزانہ رات کو سر پر لگا کر سو جائیں پھر صبح کسی ہربل شیمپو سے دھویا کریں، چند دن میں بال گرنا بند ہوجائیں گے۔

Want to treat hair loss?

Get effective tips for hair fall treatment at home in Urdu by . There are many ways to control hair fall such as using hair tonics, sprays, eating certain foods, taking fish oil capsules. Here is the best hair fall remedy which will help you recover fallen hair effectively.

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Reviews & Comments

Does it really work? I need a hair fall stopping tip that works perfectly and greatly. It is a big problem to stop hairs falling. Because it gradually impacts your overall personality. I want to stop it timely.

  • Zeba, Oct 26, 2017

thanks a lot for sharing these hairfall tips . My Urdu is a little bit weak and this recipe contains some very hard to understand words. So I would like to request that share these tips in English as well. So everyone could understand and benefit from this information.

  • Zakia, Apr 18, 2017

What is aamla in english? and where to get dry lemon juice? Or if we like to make it at home, how to do it? waiting for your answers, so that I could make it and then get rid of stop hair fall problems.

  • Humna, Apr 10, 2017