Home Remedies for Loose Motion

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Home Remedies for Loose Motion
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Gettng loose motions is a universal problem which everyone can get affected of. Mostly it attacks kids and little children however elders are also found caught by motions problem. It becomes severe for elders especially for working men and women as they have to keep their body in movement and motions are hard to stop in that case. If you are suffering from this disease, see how to stop loose motions with the help of useful tips brought to you by KFoods.com.

Loose motion or Dast is a serious problem that should be treated immediately through homemade remedies. Loose motion can cause water and salt deficiency in body. This deficiency can be immediately cured with ORS and other different tips such as.

Lemon :
Squeeze lemon in milk and drink it. If you are facing too much pain then have lemon juice in a cup of water and drink it. Do it 5 times a day and have immediate relief.
Mix half cup of sweet mango juice, 25 gram of yogurt and one spoon of ginger juice and drink it. It will cure loose motions and resolve issues regarding the undigested food in stool and bawaseer .
Loose motions can be cured by the leaf of jamun. Take 2 and a half leaf of jamun that shouldn’t be either thick or soft and then mix salt in them and make tablets .Take one tablet in morning and evening.
Mint leaves:
Drink half cup of mint leaves juice in loose motions after every 2 hours.
Boil the leaves of guava and eat them. It will cure old loose motion.
Boil unripe papaya and eat it after boiling it.
It can relief you from loose motion and makes your digestive system better.
Grind onion and put the paste on the abdomen part, it will cure loose motions.
Black cumin:
Heat black cumin and eat it with honey four times a day
Take half cup of water and add one spoon of ginger juice and boil it .Drink it while it is hot.
It will control your loose motion.
Children loose motion can be cured by Orange juice.
Grind 2 gram of cinnamon and consume it with water. It will cure your loose motions.

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these all remedies are good and easy for any person thanks for sharing this post and kfoods team is doing great work.

  • rana faraz, Feb 26, 2018

Mujhe bohat acha laga k loose motion k liye aap ne koi 1 remedy bata ka jan nahe chorai, balkay bohat achay tarikay se bohat sari remedy bata di k jis season me jo cheez available ho wo use karein, thanks for your valuable tips and remedies

  • Munawar, Jan 04, 2017

This season is for Orange treatment for loose motion, thanks for resolve every issue with natural remedies, please dr umm-e-raheel me ne aap se milna hai to kaise appointment milega mujhe koi contact bata dein

  • Noreen, Nov 17, 2016

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