Bukhar ka Ilaj

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Bukhar ka Ilaj
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بخار کا علاج
نبی کرمﷺ کو جب بخار ہو تا تو پانی کا مشکیزہ طلب فرماتے اور اسے سر پر انڈیل کر غسل کر لیتے یعنی سارے جسم پر پانی اچھی طرح پہنچاتے۔
بخار کو بُرا کہنے سے منع فرمایا گیا ہے۔

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I always follow this procedure whenever I suffer from fever. This really helps reduce the fever immediately and reliefs a headache as well.

  • Tayyab, Nov 05, 2018

no doubt Abdul Ghaffar Agha is one of the most famous herbalists and he has all tips are unique to others and I always use his tips and definitely I feel better.

  • hussain, Feb 26, 2018