Crispy Chicken Broast Recipe

Get a wonderful crispy chicken broast recipe by Chef Saadat Siddiqui and enjoy broast at its best. A broast allows you to bite and taste the crisps of tasty spicy chicken. Served with buns, french fries, tomato ketchup and spiced yogurt (raaita), it will make you forget everything else.

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To Prep
To Cook


Salt 2 tbsp and 1 tbsp for coating
• White Pepper 1 tbsp
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tbsp
Corn Flour ½ cup
• Green Chili Paste 3 tbsp
• Plain Flour 2 cups
• Baking Powder 2 tbsp
Chicken (With Skin) 8 pieces
Water as much required

How to make Crispy Chicken Broast


• Fill a bowl with water and add green chili paste, salt, baking powder and ginger garlic paste in it.
• Dip chicken pieces in bowl and leave it for about 4-5 hours to let the chicken marinated perfectly.
• Now take out the chicken from bowl and let it dry, make the coating by mixing the corn flour, plain flour, salt and white pepper.
• Mix all these items very well, now coat the chicken nicely
• Now deep fry the chicken and when the color changes to golden brown take it out and serve it.
• Broast is ready to serve try it and enjoy it.

Saadat Siddiqui Posted By: Faiza,

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Reviews & Comments (133)

Humaira - Tando Adam Nov 27, 2017
broast is a delicious snack and it is a love especially when it is crispy . I want to make exactly the broast like karachi broast or jan broast because their food is perfect every time. Thanks for it, if you have other recipes , please send me to my email.
Humaira - Sargodha Nov 20, 2017
I made broast before with some other recipe however i couldn't add crispiness in it. Now I searched crispy broast recipe specially and I will make it tonight. I have many recipes, i try different recipes and keep the one best.
Sahir - Karachi Nov 13, 2017
Yeah, it is really a wonderful snack. We friends have a plan to go dining out for having dinner and I want to eat broasts but my friends were talking about karahi or chicken handi. Now I would have to convince them about it.
Sualeha - Khi Nov 06, 2017
Broast is my all time favorite food and I always like to enjoy this in the evening . I then skip the dinner and keep avoid it due to keep myself fit. I like jan broast and jamil broast the most, none of other broasts are good in taste.
Sana - Sialkot Nov 02, 2017
This is very delicious broast and I was very happy when I served it to family. I came here again to give my remarks for the recipe and motivate readers here to make this broast. It is really delicious and amazing. I would recommend it everyone here.


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Chicken Broast Recipe

Chicken Broast Recipe

23 Nov 2017
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