Charsi Karahi Recipe

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-Pani (Water) 1 litre or as required
-Lehsan paste (Garlic paste) 1 & ½ tbs
-Mutton with bones 750 gms
-Fat 250 gms
-Namak (Salt) 1 tsp or to taste
-Tamatar (Tomatoes) large 4 (cut in halves)
-Hari mirch (Green chilies) 8-10
-Kasuri meethi (Dried Fenugreek leaves) 1 pinch
-Hara dhania (Fresh Coriander) chopped
-Adrak (Ginger) julienne

How to make Charsi Karahi


-In jug,add water,garlic paste and mix well.
-In wok,add mutton with bones,fat and salt.
-Add half quantity of garlic water (2 cups),mix well and bring it to boil.
-Cover and cook on low flame until meat is tender (approx.45 minutes) and keep mixing in between.
-Gradually add garlic water in between until meat is tender.
-Add tomatoes,cover and cook on medium low flame until tomatoes are soft (approx. 10-12 minutes).
-Remove tomatoes skin,mix well and cook on high flame for 5-6 minutes.
-Add green chilies and cook until oil separates.
-Garnish with dried fenugreek leaves,fresh coriander,ginger & serve!

Posted By: Sheher Bano, Karachi

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This coal cooked Charsi Karahi Recipe is worth eating. It has a different and unique flavor. It is spicy and a very nice meal for dinner. The charcoal aroma takes the taste of this charsi karahi to another level. This charsi karahi recipe is famous for its aroma. It has become very famous in the past couple of years. Charsi karahi is now served on big occasions also.
Charsi Karahi recipe is originated from the northern areas of Pakistan. The people of Peshawar have a large variety of recipe of karahis as well. But Charsi karahi recipe origin is basically the northern areas like Narran, kaghan, Kashmir and other areas. Its best time to eat is winter with different varieties of naan.
Charsi karahi recipe one serving contains 463 calories. It also contains sodium, potassium, fats, and carbohydrates. This food is a good source of proteins. It has been counted among 20 instant protein recipes.
Homemade Charsi karahi is much tastier than that of the restaurants. A bit of butter in Charsi karahi recipe enhances its taste a lot. It’s incredibly yummy and delicious. This Charsi karahi recipe should be tried at home to make it more nutritious. Charsi karahi can be served with dishes, at dawats or at casual get together also.


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