7 Ultimate Benefits of Proteins for Body (Proteins Ke 7 Faide)

Like other nutrients, proteins are also very helpful to the human body. Today's post will discuss 7 ultimate benefits of protein for body's health. It helps different organs to function better and grow a healthy way.

According to a new research, it was revealed that proteins play a crucial role in our body's health. Proteins are essential for proper development of skin, blood, muscles and bone cells. Women with low protein in body become vulnerable for osteoporosis up to 30%. Having proteins for a healthy body means much more for humans. It not only helps maintain overall health but particularly helps in 7 different ways.

Read 7 ultimate benefits of eating protein-rich foods (in Urdu) in this article.

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By Aqib Shehzad    |    In Health and Fitness   |    11 Comments    |    27835 Views    |    16 Jun 2020

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How much we eat eggs for whole day?

Nov 21, 2017 bilal raza Qadirabad

Ap plz MRI sis ki zubn ma buhat dard rhta ha WO BT b be kr pati mu akr IATA ha koi ilj bta dy

Nov 25, 2016 saima multan

best source of proteins is egg. eat it in breakfast everyday to keep your body up with enough amount of protein. others are fruits and other things. and you must always be careful about protein in your children.

Jan 28, 2016 Tehreem Karachi

I recently read a detailed article about the healthy minerals humans must intake in order to maintain a healthy living. They are calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins and proteins. Especially, growing children need proteins significantly for a good healthy growth. I agree with your article post sir. thanks.

Jan 19, 2016 Baber Ali Hyderabad

please also tell about the foods that contain high amount of proteins? or give any clue where can we get this information. so we can easily choose protein rich foods.

Jan 07, 2016 Sameer Iqbal Lahore

proteins are good for health . eat fruits and vegetables that are high in protein. also consider eating eggs and do not forget to give these foods to your children because they need it more .

Dec 31, 2015 hashim ali karachi

protien, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamins , all these are very good for our body. we should eat foods that provide minerals and all these things. it is very good article . now i know how to increase protein

Dec 21, 2015 akmal peshawar

my younger brother has very weak bones . I will send this article to him and suggest to increase proteins in his food. Now I knew why bones are weak. It 's because of protein deficiency.

Dec 19, 2015 Munni multan

i had no idea about food elements . just i knew that there are around 5 to 6 elements like proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, minerals, water and iron etc. now i am realizing how important proteins are.

Dec 08, 2015 Zubaida Zarri khi

protien is very good for body and carbohydrates is also very useful. Eat good foods with mineral, proteins and vitamins. live long and healthy. regards . thank you guys.

Dec 02, 2015 Rabeeka Rawalpindi

Sir jism me taqat ka haevy tips btaiye ga plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

Nov 23, 2015 Bilal hussain Dubai sharjha

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