5 Ways to Get Face Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them

Getting wrinkles is a part of life. As they age, they are likely to get sypmtoms of aging and oldness; this is natural. On the other hand, some people start getting wrinkles too earlier. There are many people around us who get the symptoms of aging in early age due to carelessness, bad habits and unhealthy life routine. They are found spending big number of bucks to reduce wrinkles off their face, eyes, hands etc.

Wrinkles are lines, folds, creases and ridges found mostly on the open parts of the body. People usually get wrinkles on face, hands, neck, under the eyes, forehead and cheeks. It's a sign of aging however carelessness can cause it early as well.

What Causes Wrinkles

Main causes of wrinkles on skin include sharp sun rays, pollution, extra ordinary habit of smoking or drinking as well as dehydration. If you are yet safe of wrinkles, you can continue to prevent wrinkles for long time by leaving habits that may cause the wrinkles on your skin.

Here are the top 5 causes and home remedies for wrinkles.

1. Sleeping with Makeup

Makeup is a usual activity for women. Before going somewhere, either slight or complete, women do it. Often when the day ends, due to tiredness, many women do not remove their makeup and go to sleep. This is going to cause massive damage to the skin. Sleeping with makeup is one of the main reasons of getting aged earlier. Like we are suggested to brush teeth before going to bed and we do it, similarly you must remove your makeup before sleeping. Remove the makeup, wash your face with clean fresh water and apply a good skin moisturizing cream. This will not only help you prevent the face wrinkles but also allow your skin grow well.

2. Taking Long Hot Showers

After returning home, taking hot showers really gives comfort and pleasure however we must know that heat is not good for skin. It may cause different kinds of skin problems including face and hand wrinkles. People prefer taking hot showers especially in the winter however the fact is that it damages the protective layer of the skin and so it becomes more vulnerable to aging problem.

Instead of taking hot showers, you should take lukewarm water shower which is not going to damage your skin and additionally, it is also good for hairs. Remember, if your skin starts itching, stop taking the showers.

3. Extraordinary Exfoliation

Doing exfoliation is though good for skin as it removes debris, dead cells and dirt however doing it extraordinarily may cause irritation on skin as well as pull natural oils off the skin leaving it dry and acrid which may ultimately cause aging problems on your skin. Exfoliate but not unnecessarily. Do it once in a week if your skin is dry. Do it twice a week if you have oily skin. Remember that always do it gently. Do not do it with harsh hands.

4. Do Not Ignore Other Than Face Body Parts

Having a wrinkle free face does not mean that you can't get wrinkles on hands or neck. Do not ignore caring your hands, neck, ears and other parts that are also open like your face. Scrub ears, hands, neck thoroughly two times in a week. Use moisturizing cream or lotion everyday in order to keep them alive, hydrated and free of wrinkles. Ignoring other than face body parts may catch aging symptoms so do care of your hands, neck and ears always like you do for your face. When you apply sunscreen on the skin, do not forget to use it on hands, neck and ears.

5. Sleep Positions for Wrinkles

When you take a good smooth sleep, next day you would look fresher and younger. Skin wrinkles are deeply connected with sleeping position. According to skin experts, sleeping on tummy or side are huge cause of face wrinkles. Sleeping in unnatural position is going to damage the skin. Even if you have a soft pillow, sticking face into it will put pressure on it and gradually forms lines on cheeks, under eyes and chin. If you already sleep on your back, keep it up and if you don't, change your habit as soon as possible.

KFoods.com presents the top 5 ways to prevent wrinkles on face. In this article, you are going to know what causes wrinkles on face as well as how to stop them at home. Aging is a natural process; it comes with wrinkles on skin, weakness, energy deficiency as well as lots of other issues. Some people start getting effects of aging in the young age. This is causes by bad habits and unhealthy practices in one's daily routine. If you care yourself, your skin and your overall health, you are going to live a healthy beautiful life for longer. On the other hand, if you do not care about yourself, effects of aging are coming to catch you before time.

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Prevent Face Wrinkles

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5 Ways to Get Face Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them

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