5 Home Remedies for Leg Pain

Remedy 1


Lemon is full of natural antioxidants that are very effective to relieve different kinds of pain. Consuming lemon is good for pain prevention as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

How to Use:

  • Take one part of lemon juice and one part castor oil.
  • Mix both of them and massage the legs with this mixture.
  • Repeat the process at least 2 times a day.

Remedy 2

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a common cause of fatigue, leg pain, back pain, thigh ache and pain in other body parts. Obtaining vitamin D also help you maintain the level of calcium and phosphorus in the body; As both of these nutrients are vital for nerves and muscles to work properly.

How to Intake:

  • Easiest way to obtain vitamin D is to take the sunlight. Wake up early in the morning and stand in the sunlight for at least 10 minutes.
  • Other method is to take vitamin D rich foods like orange juice, salmon fish or fortified milk. Taking supplements is another option which may opt for after asking your physio.

Remedy 3


Lack of potassium in body also leads to pain in legs. It is very important element for muscles.

How to Intake:

Eat high-potassium foods such as sweet potatoes with peel, bananas, raisins, tomato juice and baked potatoes.

Remedy 4


Ginger helps reduce pain in body. It contains anti-inflammatory which relieve pain, enhance blood flow throughout the body.

How to Use:

  • First option to relive pain with ginger is to massage the legs with ginger oil. Do this 2 or preferably 3 times in the day. Repeat unless paind is dwindled.
  • Drink ginger tea 3 times a day. (Find ginger tea recipe here)

Remedy 5

Cold Compress

At the time of the pain, apply cold compresses on the affected place as it is very useful to relieve the pain. Cold compress makes the area numb and helps control swelling and ache.

How to Make a Temporary Cold Compress:

  1. In a slender towel, pack some ice cubes.
  2. Place the ice-packed towel on pain area for 15 minutes. Keep legs raised up while doing this.
  3. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times in the day.

Note: Do not apply ice directly as it can cause problems to the skin.

KFoods.com brings 5 home remedies for those who suffer from foot, knee or leg pain and weakness. This post will guide you how to relieve legs' pain (or leg muscles') at home.

Pain in legs, muscles and feet is though comes with passage of age however youth is also seen affected of severe legs pain these days. Sometimes it is felt in one leg and sometimes in both. Many times the pain starts at lower back position and flows down to the legs. Pain intensity ranges from low to high. If you undergo mild pain, you just would feel yourself tired, weak, uncomfortable and with no will to do anything but rest. However in severe pain conditions, even standing on legs can be problematic.

Grounds behind leg or muscle pain may be fatigue, deficiency of vitamins or other nutrients, cramps, muscle problem or water dehydration. Other causes may include restless leg syndrome, diabetes, gout, nerve damage or arthritis.

Here are 5 simple household remedies for leg pain. Get them and relieve your legs pain with the suitable one for you.

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