5 Beauty Benefits of Eating Eggplant

1. Anti-Aging:

Eggplants are very useful to remove aging symptoms. It's skin contains anthocyanins which work as anti-aging agents and therefore benefit those with aging signs on their skin. Researches suggest that anthocyanins in brinjal peel are very effective for anti-aging, skin inflammation and several other skin diseases.

2. Glowing Skin:

Eggplants are rich in water. It keeps the skin hydrated and moist. Use of eggplants in your diet significantly helps you maintain shiny, glowing and smooth skin.

3. Skin Softness:

Brinjals contain 92% water and therefore counted in high water content vegetables. It also helps maintain softness of the skin. Add eggplants to your diet if you really want a soft and smooth skin.

4. Growth of Hair:

Eggplants are loaded with healthy enzymes that promote the hair follicles which as a result strengthens your hair with a healthy growth. Water content in brinjal also fosters the roots of hair.

5. Prevention of Skin Cancer:

Use of eggplants is also known for its anti-skin-cancer property. It contains chlorogenic acid which is anti-cancer, and protects the DNA from mutations. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties which help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

Eggplant is a lot more than just being a vegetable. We will put light on the top 5 benefits of this tasteful vegetable called 'Eggplant' or Brinjal in some areas. In Urdu, eggplant is known as 'Baingan'. Eggplant is widely used in Pakistani and Indian cooking. Some of its famous recipes are Baingan Ka Bharta, Aloo Baingan and Baingan Ka Raita. Other than Pakistan, it is also eaten in different forms.

Eggplant vegetable is good for humans in many ways. Phytonutrients in brinjals improve the functioning of brain, it's vitamin C content provide antibacterial support to the body and fiber and low soluble carbohydrates are very helpful to maintain the diabetes level under control.

Eggplant has also superb benefits for skin and beauty. Here are the top 5 benefits of brinjals that make your beauty awesome and matchless.

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Eggplant Beauty Benefits

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5 Beauty Benefits of Eating Eggplant

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