5 Delicious Cutlets Recipes

1. Lebanese Kabab

Lebanese kabab

Try this delicious kebab from Lebanese cuisine. Enjoy the unique mix of potatoes with chicken, enriched with eggs, breadcrumbs, coriander, cumin and lemon syrup, these kababs make a difference.
Recipe for Lebanese Kebab

2. Lauki Kabab

lauki kabab recipe

Nothing special is required to make this wonderful lauki kabab. Follow the step by step recipe and enjoy spicy bottle gourd kababs. It tastes so good that sometimes it's hard to differentiate it with shamis.
Recipe for Lauki Kababs

3. Vegetable Cutlets

vegetable cutlets recipe

Have fun with spicy vegetable cutlet kababs. Enjoy it at evening or in lunch; this comes as a sensible choice for those who want to avoid meat.
Get an easy veg kabab recipe

4. Chicken Egg Cutlets

chicken cutlets with eggs

A wonderful combo of chicken and potatoes with eggs and vegetables entails into Chicken cutlets. A perfect side dish to heighten the delish of your meals.
See step by step recipe for chicken kabab cutlets

5. Fish Cutlets

fish cutlets recipe

You can also use fish to make cutlets. Yes. See here how to make fish cutlets with step by step recipe by KFoods.com and enjoy another big taste of fish meat.
Fish cutlets recipe

Cutlet recipes are very popular in American, Indian, Pakistani, Italian and British cuisines. In Pakistan and India, cutlets refer to kababs and the famous ones are chicken cutlets, vegetable cutlets and fish cutlets. Among Indian snacks recipes, cutlets are the most popular ones. Cutlets can be eaten with rice, chapati or roti (loaf), sandwich and with just a chutney.

Cutlets are used as evening snacks, filling for sandwiches, and also as a part of main course meals. To make cutlets, usually rib meat is used. Traditionally, it is served with tomato ketchup however sometimes other sauces are also used.

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My favorite homemade recipe for chicken mincemeat yummy.

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5 Delicious Cutlets Recipes for this variety of Cutlet Recipes is lovely party to create that touches Karachi after last week They are also very easy to make it at home is like cool touch All of these recipes are amazing and enjoyed the taste of my party guest and everyone also like it.

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thank you for this variety of Cutlet Recipes. All of these recipes are amazing and tasty. They are also very easy to make. Quite presentable. especially the vegetable cutlets are so tasty.

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