Chicken Cutlets Recipe

chicken cutlets recipe

Boil potatoes, chicken and eggs
Peel off eggs and potatoes when boiled and break chicken into fibres

chicken egg cutlets recipe

Add green coriander, black pepper, Chinese salt and green chili

cutlets recipes

Form oval shaped kababs

cutlus recipes

Dip kababs in beaten eggs, roll in corn flour, dip in eggs again and fry

chicken recipes

Serve with salad, ketchup and green chutney

chicken cutlets banane ki tarkeeb

Chicken Cutlets Recipe in English


  • Oil for frying
  • Potatoes: 5 to 6 pcs
  • Boneless Chicken: 1/4 kg
  • Salt: as needed
  • Eggs: 3
  • Black Pepper: as per taste
  • Green Coriander: Half Bunch
  • Green Chili: 8 pcs
  • Corn Flour: For dipping


  1. Boil eggs, chicken and potatoes. Peel off eggs and potatoes when boiled and shred chicken into fibres.

  2. Add green coriander, black pepper, Chinese salt, green coriander and green chili.

  3. Make oval shaped kababs of the mixture.

  4. Dip kababs in eggs, roll in corn flour, dip in eggs again and fry.

  5. Serve with salad, green chutney and ketchup.

A chicken cutlet is an ideal snack to enjoy with evening tea. I like enjoying cutlets very often with my family at teatime. My today's post guides throughout the process how to make chicken cutlets in Urdu with step by step visual guide. I am presenting the recipe via so you could make it without any trouble.

Cutlets are served with tomato ketchup, chili garlic sauce usually as a breakfast item. It can also be served as a side dish with meals. Normally, people like to have it at morning and in the evening as a light chicken snack.

Since, while writing these lines, it is the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak, I often prepare this dish at iftar. Purpose of telling you all these things is that today we are going to learn how to make chicken cutlets recipe in Urdu (English may be posted later if required) with pictures of each step involved. This step by step recipe guide would help you greatly while you intend to make this lovable snack.

Recipe is very simple; you don't need a long list of ingredients. Just gather chicken, potatoes, eggs, salt, and a couple of more spices which are mentioned below in the recipe. Further steps of the recipe are also simple. You would make it very easily and don't be late as these kinds of dishes are perfect for iftar time.

Did you enjoy chicken cutlets recipe by Share about it taste in the comments box below.

Let's learn the delicious recipe of chicken cutlets with step by step pictures presented by Pakistani people eat it very passionately as snack. Served as an iftar snack or evening tea item, it is loved by everyone.

Following is chicken cutlets recipe in Urdu.

Try vegetable cutlets recipe with it as well.

Chicken Cutlets Recipe

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  • Rodway, Rorschacherberg

Chicken Cutlets Recipe is very yummy and is a delicious tasty dish this is the perfect is a fantastic recipe way to make it at home I made it for the first time in my life and my family Its awosome with the lots taste also it my first try is the best experience love it to make it.

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V well done. Quite simple n tasty recipes in a very simple way. I hope everyone can learn cooking by this way.

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We all family like all these kinds of snacks such as cutlets, croquettes, spring rolls and aloo vada. I got its recipe here which is actually a recipe that we can call 'proper'. I have been exploring the internet for food recipes for long time but this pattern is the best way to explain cooking.

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Yeah, it is a fantastic recipe, presented in a fantastic manner. I would love to eat it in today evening. And also Ramadan month is coming , I will also follow this recipe in iftar time and make delicious foods.

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Buhot shandar hai ye

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Very nice recipe

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Chicken Cutlets Recipe

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