Chicken Vegetable Roll Recipe

Chicken Vegetable Roll in Urdu

chicken vegetable rolls recipe
Boil chicken and mash.

how to make chicken vegetable rolls
Heat oil in a pan, put mashed chicken and mix.

chicken veg roll recipe in urdu
Add cabbage and mix.

chicken rolls in urdu
Add carrots, capsicum, chopped green chillies and fry for one minute. Turn stove off.

chicken vegetable roll step by step
Add salt, Chinese salt, black pepper powder, vinegar and soy sauce and mix well.

chicken veg rolls step by step recipe
Cut egg white into pieces and add to mixture. Mix well.

Beat one egg.

chicken egg cabbage rolls
Place mixture on a corner of roll wrap, apply beaten egg with finger or brush and fold the roll.

chicken sabzi ke rolls
Heat oil and fry rolls on low heat.
Remove when it turns golden brown.

preparing chicken veggie rolls
Delicious chicken vegetable rolls are ready to serve.

chicken veg roll banane ki tarkeeb

Preparing Chicken Veg Rolls Recipe


  • Roll Wraps
  • Chicken: 1 cup boiled mashed
  • Cabbage: 1/4 kg finely chopped
  • Capsicum: 1 (finely chopped)
  • Carrot: 1 (finely chopped)
  • Green Chilies: 10 to 12 (chopped)
  • Salt: as per taste
  • Black Pepper Powder: 1 tsp
  • Chinese Salt: 1 tbsp
  • Soy Sauce: 2 tbsp
  • Vinegar: 2 tbsp
  • Oil: 1 tbsp
  • Eggs: 2 boiled


Preparing Roll Mixture:

  1. Heat oil in a pan, put mashed chicken and spread inside. Add cabbage and mix well. Then add carrots, capsicum and
    chopped green chillies, fry for a minute and switch stove off.
  2. Add salt, Chinese salt, black pepper powder, soy sauce and vinegar and mix thoroughly.
  3. Cut boiled egg white into slices and add to mixture, then mix well.
  4. Roll filling mixture is ready.


Rolls Preparation:

  1. Place mixture inside the roll wraps and fold. Beat one egg for applying on the rolls.
  2. While folding, apply with finger or with brush and press the corners to stick them together.
  3. Rolls are ready.

Frying Rolls:

  1. Heat oil; lower flame when heated and deep fry all rolls.
  2. Remove from the pan when it becomes golden brown.
  3. Delicious rolls are ready to serve. Enjoy with chutney and tomato ketchup.


Learn how to make chicken vegetable rolls with step by step pictorial instructions at Chicken vegetable rolls are very tasteful and delicious when eaten hot and fresh with tomato ketchup or chili garlic sauce. Chicken rolls are though available at any sweet shop or bakery but making it at home is also a great experience plus you are sure you are eating a homemade food. These rolls are famous throughout the world but Pakistani style chicken rolls would deem tastier to you than of any other region.

Chicken rolls are frequent to use evening snack in our homes. Often someone from home goes out and buy chicken vegetable rolls for all family members for the evening tea. Sometimes mom asks the younger one in home to go to sweet shop and buy some nimko with chicken rolls upon arrival of a guest. All these everyday visits to market may be skipped if you learn to cook this roll recipe.

Let's begin learning the recipe of chicken vegetable roll.

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The delicious dish recipe accessible now here of chicken move who everybody like to eat that home with the flavorful taste ever

  • Ghana Ejaz, Karachi
  • Apr 08, 2020

Chicken Vegetable Roll Recipe making chicken vegetable roll was a completely new and different thing for me.I found the recipe of making chicken vegetable rolls at home.And I did it so perfectly with the help of this recipe thankyou

  • Manahil , larkana
  • Nov 14, 2018

Just like Chinese roll, I find chicken vegetable roll recipe very nutritious and full of vegetables that I love. Chicken vegetable roll also goes quite yummy with imli ki meethi chutney and I always eat it!

  • sidra, islamabad
  • May 25, 2018

yummy……chicken and vegetable rolls... wow I found the recipe of making chicken vegetable rolls at home. I have been searching the internet for last two and I found it here in your website.

  • samina, lahore
  • May 02, 2018

chicken roll mari mama banati hnn ramzan hmm unlia chatty rha jaty hn or ya recipe ma mama ko dnga or khaoga 1 bar ya bhi check karlny.

  • raza rizvi, karachi
  • Apr 16, 2018

This chicken vegetable roll is really best for making it in large gatherings like family or friends get together. Keep on sharing such kind of recipes that can so easily be made.

  • Uneeba, Peshawar
  • Jul 15, 2017

I liked these chicken vegetable roles. They were really scrumptious and delicious more than I could imagine.

  • Kiran, Okara
  • Jun 24, 2017

yumm……chicken and vegetable rolls... wow I am literally astonished and I really want to try this recipe at least once. I am seriously astonished.

  • Arooba, Multan
  • Jun 20, 2017

I must say that this recipe is so good for making chicken vegetable roll. And I can feel its taste just by reading the recipe.

  • zarina, rawalpindi
  • Jun 16, 2017

one dish party of my college was arranged last month where I brought chicken vegetable rolls to the college for the party. And everyone from my friends ate it eagerly due to its great and yummy taste.

  • Ruqayya, Mardan
  • Jun 13, 2017

Making chicken vegetable roll was a completely new and different thing for me. And I did it so perfectly with the help of this recipe. Thanks a lot for this helpful recipe

  • horiyah, hyderabad
  • Jun 07, 2017

The best thing about this website is that it always provides us with the best and easiest way to make every food. Like this one of yours recipe for cooking chicken vegetable rolls is.

  • Nagina, Karachi
  • Jun 05, 2017

We always order chicken vegetable roll at university for lunch. We all friends just love it. Right now I was just wondering and I came across this worthwhile recipe. I am thinking to surprise my friends by making it.

  • anna, abbotabad
  • May 30, 2017

Finally finally finally…. I found the recipe of making chicken vegetable rolls at home. I have been searching the internet for last two and I found it here in your website.

  • Memoona, Lahore
  • May 27, 2017

this is an easy to follow recipe as compared to the one my aunt told me. I will prefer this one . And I am hopeful it will taste good too.

  • Sadia, rawalpindi
  • May 22, 2017

Chicken vegetable rolls is one of the mist favorite food that my family loves to eat. I made it for my family just to make them happy. They really adored it a lot. Keep on sharing biryani recipes.

  • yasmeen, Tando adam
  • May 19, 2017

yes, this is my thing. This is my type of food. Take the vegetables out of it and it’ll be perfect with dahi poodinay ki chatni.

  • Sana, rawalpindi
  • May 14, 2017

Is it necessary to use a whole chicken breast? When we can use small pieces , why to use large piece. I think small pieces will be easy to boil and shred. I buy whole chicken breast only for making steaks.

  • Komal, Hyd
  • May 12, 2017

I made it at my home once ago, now I will make it again because it is very tasty. When we make it ourselves, it has a great taste because we put chicken lavishly whereas when we buy it from bakery, chicken is less in quantity.

  • Rabiya, Karachi
  • Apr 24, 2017

ap ki recipe hamare bohot kaam arahi hai ramadan mein especially jab aftari ke time pe roll waghera banane hote hain to ye recipe open karte hain or fta fat roll tayar kar lete hain

  • Abida,
  • Jun 27, 2015

i made chicken Vegetable rolls and it was too good. every one liked it and it is month of ramadan, i will make it again for iftari . my family also liked it . credit goes to kfoods

  • fari, quetta
  • Jun 26, 2015

ye to ap ne boht hi kaam ki recipe dali hai . rolls aftari ke liye bohot zaroori hote hain or regular hi banane hote hain hum pehle bhi banate the lekin recipe se bilkul perfect bane hain

  • Ayesha Anwar,
  • Jun 25, 2015

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