5 Best Vegetables to Eat This Winter

Veggie 1 | Cabbage

Cabbage is low on cost but generous in health. It is full of vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, folate and various kinds of antioxidants. It helps reduce bad cholesterol, reduces the dangers of cancer. Eating cabbages also helps in diabetes. Autumn and Winter are its reaping seasons. Eating it raw is better in terms of nutrition.

Veggie 2 | Potatoes

Although, we eat potatoes 12 months in the year but eating them in winter is even better. Potatoes come with the powers of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, protein, folic acid. It aids lowering blood pressure and increase antioxidants. Also potato is low-cost vegetable with superb taste and nutrition.

Selected potato recipes by KFoods.com

Veggie 3 | Turnip

Turnips belong to cabbage and cauliflower family. This purple and white colored vegetable root comes in winter and worth eating due to its high nutrition profile. Full of potassium, fiber, calcium and folate, it is a must-eat vegetable in winter. Eat it raw with salad or cook it with any other vegetable. Either ways it is awesome. When cooked, it's slight sweetness add value to the meal.

Some delicious turnip recipes

Veggie 4 | Sweet Potatoes

Fresh sweet potatoes are available for limited time - from autumn to mid-winter. They are enriched with vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. It is also very pleasant in taste and that's why children like it a lot. It is a filler vegetable. You can eat it either boiled or roasted. If you ask me, I will go with coal-roasted as it tastes much better.

Some delicious turnip recipes

Veggie 5 | Carrots

Carrot is a famous vegetable. Actually, it's a vegetable grandmothers always have been telling to eat. It is known for its benefits for better eyesight. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A which alone is beneficial for better vision, skin and immunity strength. Moreover it is also loaded with vitamin C and another antioxidant 'lutein'. Carrots also lower the cancer risk. It is particularly a winter vegetable, enjoy it fully with eating it raw or make a delicious carrot halwa.

Carrot recipes by KFoods

Do you know what are the best winter vegetables to eat? Read on and you will know. KFoods.com here comes up with a list of top 5 cold weather vegetables to eat this winter. These vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that become essential to keep us fit in winters. These vegetables would also enhance list of your vegetable recipes.

Winter comes with an entirely new everything. Snow or chilling winds outdoors and blankets and heaters indoors. Eating oranges and munching peanuts are also attractive colors of winter. However, not to forget that it also puts an impact on human body and skin. People fall ill due to adverse effects of winter.

Let's explore the 5 best vegetables described here and plan what to eat this winter.

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Best Winter Vegetables

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5 Best Vegetables to Eat This Winter

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