Small Rasgulla with Fresh Fruit Rabri Recipe

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Small rasogullas 500 grams
Milk 3 cups
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Rose Water 1/2 Teaspoon
Green Cardamom powder 1 Teaspoon
Almonds, blanched and slIced a few
Pistachios, blanched and slIced a few
Apple, cubed 1
Chikoos, cubed 2
Bananas, cubed 2
Fresh cherries, destoned 10
Pomegranate Pearls 2 tablespoons
Silver warq for garnishing

How to make Small Rasgulla with Fresh Fruit Rabri


Bring the milk to the boil then cook slowly on low heat for at least two hours.

Stir frequently and let the cream thicken at the edge of the pan.Add the sugar and stir until the milk is less than quarter the original amount.

Scrape the cream formed on the sides back into the milk.

Add three fourths of the almonds and pistachios and cardamom powder.

Add fruits (except pomegrantae) to the rabri.

To reduce the sweetness of the rasgullas, heat a little water and put the rasgullas in it. Let it simmer for two to three minutes, then strain. Allow to cool.

Add the rasgullas to the fruit and rabri mixture and mix with a light hand.

Add a little rosewater, sprinkle with remaining almonds, pistachios and pomegranate and serve chilled.

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Afana - Sialkot Mar 24, 2017
You should add more variations of Small Rasgulla with Fresh Fruit Rabri recipe such there are many variations in Iftar Items. Thanks for the cooperation and post more recipes.
saima nauman - BWP Nov 24, 2015
Please step by step batay
sehar - lahore Jan 29, 2013
best recipes

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Rasgulla with Fresh Fruit Rabri Recipe - Here is the perfect combination of fruit and Rabri to make a scrumptious Rasgullay. It is very easy to prepare and give you perfect taste of dessert recipe. So let’s try it now and give your views.

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